You’ve been made to believe that politics is dirty and corrupt, so you don’t participate, so you’ll leave “that” in the hands of the dirty and corrupt. Haven’t you ever said that politics “suck”?

They have made you believe that the rulers should send the Peoples. Shouldn’t the people tell the rulers what they should do?

They’ve made you believe that you “represent you” when you give them power by a vote and that’s Democracy.

They’ve made you believe that there were always and will be many poor and few rich. Do you know how to count, even with your fingers, to throw some production and distribution calculations and how much we pay corrupt politicians, useless officials and ruthless bankers?

They have made you believe that patriotism is a scourge, an idea that promotes genocide, to establish armies of genocide, in the service of stateless interests. Isn’t that what happens now, with mercenary armies that only go to war after the interest of money?

You’ve been led to believe that you can only be “left-wing” or “right-wing,” that the left is stateless and international, that the right is better administrator. Aren’t there communists and patriotic capitalists?

They made you believe that without money nothing can be done and you’ve been misled by history. Did the finances, usury and banks exist in the start cultures that preceded us?

They made you believe a hundred “terrorist” tales, so you live in terror. Atomic war, Earth-impacting meteorites, alien invasions… To hide that the real danger lies in the scalar weapons that control a few technocrats in the service of the bankers’ elite. Where are the real terrorists?

You have been led to believe that anarchy is possible, and that the opposite is dictatorship, when the opposite of anarchy is participatory and assembly organization. Does there exist or has there been any unedified collective?

They’ve made you believe it’s just as dictatorship as tyranny, and you’ve been made to believe that by voting for certain representatives, you’re already free from tyrants and dictators. Don’t we live in a hidden dictatorship called “markets”?

They have led you to believe that all mass leaders have been and are dictators, tyrants, undemocratic, when they have dissolved corrupt parliaments, or when they have abolished the partycracy, nationalized banking… Do we live better now, with crises of all kinds?

You’ve been made to believe that private education is always better than public education. Do you think it’s fair if it were true somewhere?

They’ve made you believe that the more studies you have, the more you know. Do you know who you are, where you come from and where you’re going? Have the official scientists known how to fix the world’s problems?

You’ve been led to believe that the more news you watch and read, the better informed you are. What do you know about Global Reality?

They have made you believe that other “hooligan villages” usually neighbors, are eager to invade your country. Which ones have done it, why and how?

You’ve been made to believe that the peasant is a brute and the city dweller is more educated. That agriculture is heavy, unpleasant and even dangerous work. Thus they have taken you away from the most legitimate material wealth, the healthiest production, the most harmonious life and so, in many cases, they have taken your lands!

You’ve been made to believe there are degrading jobs. Is it not only that the lives of those who do not work and live off the work of others without even providing their organizational capacity worthily are degrading?

They’ve made you believe that working is a curse, to earn your bread “with the sweat of your forehead,” as if that were bad, ruinous or sacrificed.

They’ve made you believe that you’re free, because you can choose rulers, work, what to eat, how to dress… how many are they really? How many of you work on what you’d really like?, How many really eat in the world whatever they want?, How many dress as they would like according to their Inner Self?

They have made you believe that hunger and misery are far away, in African countries, in indigenous tribes. How long have you been around the world?

You’ve been made to believe that the people shouldn’t have guns because it’s dangerous. Do you think mercenary armies and police are made up of better people than you?

They have made you believe that one day he will come to save us a messiah, the extraterrestrial little brothers or any “Superior Being” Why have they not come before to avoid the present sufferings, humiliations and atexations? What would you say to the billions of dead in the midst of dreadful suffering for centuries?

You’ve been made to believe that “you can’t do anything” before all the pain in the world. Haven’t you set out to be at least someone really free, one in everyone’s consciousness and put at least your grain of sand?

You’ve been made to believe that professional politicians can take care of your educational, economic, health and family destiny. Are you an idiot who doesn’t count when it comes to making decisions?

They’ve made you believe that vaccines really protect you from disease and pose no extra risk. Have you found out how they are made, how they are made and the allegations there are?

You have been made to believe that women are the “weak sex” to polarize and antagite us where we most need each other, united, respectful and loving. Could your father have stood up for you or your mother?

They’ve made you think you can only work on one thing, that shitty job you’d often kill so they wouldn’t take it away from you. Were you born with a mark that says “you were born for this”? That is possible; and if so, you’re a lucky man among several million. Very few work according to their real vocation.

You have been made to believe that professional politics should not speak of Love, Intelligence, Will, Spiritual Values, Loyalty, Dignity, Compassion, Self-Awareness, Vocational Satisfaction, or Heroism. Have you heard politicians talk these things?

They’ve made you believe that power isn’t up to you, that you can’t stop the world from going where it’s going…

You’ve been made to believe that improving the world is a utopia and that “utopia” is synonymous with “impossible.” Did you know that all the inventions and discoveries you enjoy today were first labeled utopias, impossible absurdities, and that their inventors and discoverers had sour struggles to impose them?

You have been led to believe that there is no solution in sight, and that the system is so complex that factories, industries, food production, apparel, etc. would stop working. Don’t you know that work can continue without money through and so it has been during the wars, with fabulous productions? Imagine a war economy… but in the midst of peace, without deriving efforts into weapons manufacturing or maintaining armies!

You’ve been made to believe that all or most people are bad, that human nature is bad. Is your nature bad? Maybe so, because there may be exceptions, but look at yourself in the mirror and think… “Who am I?”

You’ve been made to believe that you’re guilty for what you think, what you feel or what you do. And maybe you are in some sense, since you’ve believed it. Are you guilty of the evils of the world?

You’ve been made to believe that the Fatherland and flag are only worth when you have to play a world cup. Did you win anything when your favorite club or selection won?

You’ve been led to believe that politicians who eternize in their office are necessarily dictators or tyrants. Do you know that the “democratic” of the partycracy that are only a few years still collecting from your taxes all their lives? Observe without emotion and without prejudice the living conditions in those “dictatorships” of decades and compare them with the “democracies” that every four or six years renew positions, of which you will still pay lifetime to the “ex …”

You’ve been made to believe that the exception, is the rule, and the rule the exception. You’ve been made to believe that you need to lie to survive.

They’ve made you believe that state-owned enterprises are always in deficit, but they didn’t tell you that during the wars they produced fabulous surpluses, or that the countries where they really were were were in the hands of bankers who boycotted them to finally stay with them… with YOUR companies!

      You’ve been made to believe so many unreal or partial things, that you can feel terror when you realize it. It’s normal, because real terrorists who call themselves “anti-terrorists” are counting on it. Only if you free yourself from your false beliefs and begin to reason without fear of the truth, without fear of “what I may lose” (work, stability, resources, your house, etc.), you will discover that true terrorists are the geniuses of international finance; you will discover that the politicians you vote on are mere minions of these powers and sometimes they are not even aware of it (and exceptions are dealt with coups directed from abroad); you will understand that in a financial statement with politicians serving “the markets,” you have absolutely no security. There is no “party” democracy in a citizens’ society to support you, nor a decent leader who plays a living for you. If you’re an entrepreneur, your business won’t be safe because it depends on “the markets” and the banks. You will only be really safe as a producer, entrepreneur, employee or professional, when the whole society can support you.

            You will be truly certain when the value “money” is not in the hands of private usurers and the safer you and your family and everyone, when in a later ecological step, the Labor Value will definitely replace the value of the currency, and that it becomes “tokens”, without usury value, without speculative value, as a mere instrument of the State and that you are part of that state.

¡… sounds like communism…!

       True, the latter “sounds” to Communism, but it is not; because international bankers created Russian communism in the same bloody and corrupt way from the beginning, as was the French Revolution. With large, authentic and beautiful ideals touted, yes, but with a series of subtle “small aberrations”, augmented by the ringleaders who in both cases were carefully prepared to lead mobs emotionally and without Assembly organization, without real participation in decision-making. Thus different political movements were formed in America, giving rise to so-called “democracies”, but all with the same scourge: representativeness, over citizen participation, when the first is only valid when second is full and priority.  

Learn, understand and act! Spread this information! If you are unclear about the political facets of the global problem, it will be very difficult for you to help improve something.


To all collaborators, whose list of names would occupy an entire book. To all men (men and women) worth fighting for, all those willing to exercise True Democracy.

To all conscious slaves who desire their release.

ECOLOGENIA is a way of life, although there is a form of environmentalist government. It can be defined as the harmonic sum of Ecological Awareness, Natural Policy with Natural Economy and knowledge of Natural Laws.

            How would you like the world to be? And what kind of world will we leave to our children?



Dear Readers:

            The book Ecologenia, Global Emergency Policy has been less read than I would like, but more than I expected. I thought I would receive bad reviews, insults and even threats, but since its release on April 11, 2009, I have only received signs of gratitude, congratulations, and messages of support. But the best thing has been the questions and the intellectual quality of the interested parties, which indicate the degree of influence of the book and its social value.

            I have received many questions; so many that I have been forced to meditate on answers on all subjects and that has been the fuel to write this other policy book, of which – despite having clear ideas of how a civilization of awake, conscious and free people should develop – I had only formed a didactic sketch in my mind. It is difficult to find the right words for all intellects and to present in a single volume the global situation picture, with the myriad possible and different solutions that can be made in each country, under any current political regime. What good would it do to open a major political awareness gap in the West, for example in Argentina, Chile, Mexico or Spain, if it is not applicable in an Islamic country? Nor would it do much to change the fate of Humanity, a policy that could not be applied locally in a people in China. We live in a globalized community and it is necessary to apply general solutions according to globalization, but allowing and urging that each country, each country, each community and each individual retain its particular values and idiosyncrasies.

            Most of those questions received in two years can be summed up in “And what can I do from my job, from my city or town, being a simple ordinary citizen?”

            The answer is that it can and should all “ordinary citizens” do much, even if he should not necessarily leave his job, or invest resources, or take up too much time. And there is so much you can do, that I have had to start this book to help you find what, how, so that you can become the architect of your own local political situation, contributing to the improvement of the whole world. It should be clarified that if ecology can seem like anything on the “left”, it is only a mirage. In the Ecology there are no rights, left or center. There is only Homeland, Family, Individual and all the values each represents. There is no “God”, because even the atheist has a place in an Environmentalist society and because there is freedom of worship, you can imagine it however you want. The only condition is that your god is worth no more than that of others.

            However, Ecologenia is a Political Movement that emerged in Spain, according to the needs of a society also fed up with capitalism, but with other living conditions. As the author of the term “Ecologenia” and a propellant of this Movement, I confess that I share Teachers with some current leaders, of whom I follow his example as Honest Men and Patriots. In this 2020 update, nine years after the first editorial adventure, I am pleased to tell thousands of leaders who are slowly doing their work in many other countries, especially across America.

            The supreme merit of these Masters is that they tell their disciples to speak uninsiredly of Love, Intelligence and will in perfect balance, to make the greatest and most wonderful of all revolutions that may have existed: THE REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY.

            Gabriel Silva


            The world is largely ruled by people who have no ideals or ideology, but a pathological need for power over others. They may imagine it’s “their responsibility,” but if it were, the world would be very different and all they have is that, a profound and terrible mental illness, called slavery. “Ideologies” are something created by them and imposed in twisted education, literature, film and all the means possible for centuries. But true politics has no “ideologies”, it is a Science and by the way, quite simple, when the mountain of inoculated mental garbage has been cleaned up in the minds of peoples.

            Throughout this writing you will discover the huge differences in background and form that exist between a commodified and money-diner community, of an Environmental community, as well as the means available to contribute to global transformation.

            To synthesize everything exhibited in the first book, let’s say that the most radical differences are:

A) In the economic aspect it is in the sense of trade, that in the market system is to make money or make profits from an individual point of view or at most corporate, while in Ecologenic society the economy is based on the work and the fair distribution of power, resources, services and all good , including education to train free people, rather than meek employees of the system. The money will be used in principle, but without usury, until the mass, aware of how Ecology works, makes it unnecessary. The first step is for the Citizens to handle it, that is, the state. And have the state make sure that no private hand is “owner” of the money. May this be only a temporary instrument for the distribution of true wealth, which is work and its product.

 B) On the political side, the Environmental system is participatory, with pre-eminence over the representative. We do not want to vote for a mask that represents us to such an extent that it decides for us, but to elect a local representative to do what we ask, to be accountable to us without excuses that “the other party won”, or “is that the party has decided that…”.  And in larger areas, (municipal, provincial, national) the sum of interests, which will be based on the same human needs, will certainly be coincidental. Almost all Ecologenic Nations should tend to modify their Constitutions, because almost all of them are based on the interests of a few manipulators of ideas. Citizens should learn that it is more important to attend the Citizens’ Assembly than any football match or anything else to do in the world. Because there, in the Citizens’ Assembly is where your economy, your work, the education of your children, your personal future and that of your family will be defined. It’s your real and only chance to know what’s going on and what’s going to happen, to influence what you think you should do. It is his only way to be a Citizen with Voice and Vote, instead of a slave to a system, subject to the swings, miseries, dementia, lies and selfishness of a few “professional politicians” that it is time for them to become an extinct caste.

            It is true that there are castes; there are differences of all kinds and Ecologenia respects those differences and can preserve that differentiation of castes where there have been culturally for millennia. But never such a difference must make the “inferior” (intellectual or physical) a victim of the system, or subject him to contempt, to the condemnation of poverty (a word to be extinguished by obsolescence) or to humiliation of any kind. The “authentic inferiors” in an Environmental Society are the corruptists, delusional of power, because their psychopathy is too special, impossible to even equate even thieves (who will disappear because it makes no sense to steal in a just and humanitarian society), Political psychopaths rob citizens of conscience, their work, their energy, their time, their essence of Person and make it a more or less “comfortable” slave according to the circumstances , but slaves at last.  Killer psychopaths, paedophiles and the like who, despite Ecologenic education, fail to combat their psychological scourges internally, will have prisons that respect their human condition and treatments that allow their social rehabilitation, but without risk to the rest of society. However, the most “authentic inferiors”, for which each Nation will apply what it deems appropriate, are the slavers, whose psychology is the most twisted and sick, cause of genocide, whose personal character is the most hypocritical and difficult to detect, because it transcends the plane of ordinary psychopathology.

            The slaver is very intelligent, cunning and even creative, infiltrates societies and does not think of himself. It is able to pursue plans that it will put in place for centuries to come true. We do not speak of the lazy ruin that has others working for him and pay for his luxuries and pleasures (simple apprentice slaver, who also deserves care), nor the intellectual, professional or leader who has servants or employees at his service to fulfill a more important mission (caste of innovators who work more than his servants and who anyone, who are destined to be the Flower and Nata of Ecology in its initial phase). When I say “slaves” I mean economic speculators, the loan sharks, those who invent (and manage) various ways of turning the essence of wealth, which is the work of each and its product, into values from which they then seize.

 C) In the Technological aspect: In an Ecologenic civilization, “free energy” systems are used, which, although discovered centuries ago, slavers have not allowed themselves to be used massively in commodified civilization, because they would break with the existing selfish power cone.           The emission of Hertzian waves and conversion into electricity (and vice versa) was a technological step of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but the “owners of the world” (economic) managed to restrict the issue to the transport of electricity by copper cables, through devices that could “measure and charge”. For this purpose, the rest of the technological development of Nicolas Tesla and other inventors was logically concealed, because this development included the extraction of relatively unlimited amounts of energy, such as the use of the difference in teluric potential (half Gauss in the air, a Gauss in the ground), apart from the “radiant energy” typical of the Earth’s electromagnetic field in the atmospheric layer , the “cosmic energy” among which is the solar, easily convertible into thermal energy and this into electrical energy… Not to mention the permanent magnet engines, which many developers have manufactured and kept hidden for fear of retaliation of interests… When they should do what they should do is manufacture and distribute (sell, for now), including the plans for reproduction by anyone with minimal knowledge of electricity and mechanics.

            It is understandable that man raised in this civilization finds it a “utopia” to fix the world, even if it collapses everywhere, contaminated, enslaved, hungry, massacred, deceived and in appearancely overcrowded. I say “in appearance” because it is only if we consider the way of life of the market and consumerism. Only in the already inhabited areas would between ten billion and fourteen billion people live in abundance, in breadth, in full natural health and taking advantage of much of today’s scientific developments, could be able to fit on the planet if the guidelines of scientific, political, economic and educational management were Ecologenic. But it is impossible to sustain market guidelines for a few more decades, not even with half the people who inhabit the world today. That, and the fear of losing power over Humanity by a few insane geniuses, is the cause of the constant genocide, by wars, degenerate medicine, vaccinations and the great global fumigation (‘chemical wakes’) of which much of the mass still does not know. Judges wash their hands of existing evidence, such as the biological technical report presented in the previous book.

            The false democracy dressed as partycracy, actually puppet of moneycracy exercised by a small dome of bankers, has a system of very refined deceptions, maintained only by the mental slavery of the mass, which does not have time to think, to analyze and BE, because debts, mortgages, the constant work that forces him to earn only the money to survive (and the fear of losing it) , absorb all their time and their vital energy. Monopolies, oligopolies, taxes, payments and defaults, assets and liabilities, debts, misery and all the aberrant paraphernalia of the “economic sciences”, will be inexorably shattered. Science called Economics is only complex when it comes to selling and buying, speculating on the work of others… But the Natural Economy is extremely simple and available to the most elementary intellects. The question is whether we want to let the Global Community become fully an Orwellian, unconscious, slave, robotic, weak, fearful, non-thinking individuals; or if we want an Ecologenic Society, where the group spirit is formed by ethical education, the self-determination of each community and nation, with the participation of every last citizen in the decision-making, happiness, awareness and full vocational development of each individual. And, above all, recovering values such as Love, Intelligence and Will in perfect balance. And there is no one who can justly say “it’s that I can’t do anything.” If you are reading it is because something will do…

            The first and terrible option is underway, it is happening right now, although there is a small percentage of the well-informed population, partly by word of mouth, but mostly thanks to the Internet (communication system that was not in the plans of the world’s rulers). However, most of the mass, like much of the one informed through internet forums, has an “infoxication”, i.e. information poisoning, because a part of the data is wrong. While the Internet allows us interaction at levels that sometimes achieve echo, such as the 15M mobilization (May 15, 2011 in Madrid), social networks do not allow a citizen to highlight something important, while also the system intoxicates with false information, already specifically, intentionally, already spontaneously by the beliefs of users , with exaggerations, contradictions, absurd or incomplete theories, etc. However, the Global Ecology Movement is becoming a concrete reality.

            Governments are putting us, under the pretext of security and the fight against crime and terrorism, cameras everywhere, police and armies, humiliating and paranoid checks at airports, train stations and buses. It is clear that none of this has undermined crime and not only has it not fought terrorism, but it encourages, feeds it and is precisely, a terrorism in itself, making us all equally “suspects,” including children, who often suffer touching from employees at airports. Any citizen is first and foremost suspected of being a terrorist, but the violation of people’s privacy, the feeling of being in a large prison, will create – sooner or later – increasingly violent anti-system reactions. This would increase repression, until society dissolves as such into a brutal new revolution. But this terrible alternative has even more terrible aspects, as seen in the “global chess” movements, as the Global Genocide Plan for Demographic Control has reached unimaginable technological peaks decades ago. And there’s the most desperate part…

            The Genocide Plan envisages the possibility of leaving less than a tenth of Humanity alive, in order to make a paradise for the synarchy directive, but with enough slaves to continue its “modus vivendi”.

            The other option, the Ecologenic, can only be made by awakening the consciousness of a “critical mass”, of millions of people committed to life, to the world and to future generations. And that this “evolution” mentality, not merely “revolutionary”, encompasses the policemen, the military, the intelligence agents… They are also mothers, fathers, children, brothers, husbands and wives. But they are almost all, for now, barely conscious “human weapons,” at the service of refined finance slaves, even if a “minister-foreman” directs them and commands them to beat up protesters or massacre people in other countries. What can be done about it? Very easy: Organize Citizens’ Assemblies in your neighborhood; instruct them on Ecology, talk about reality, include and commit police and military to act only on behalf of citizens, not to comply with orders that threaten their own personal conscience, such as attacking peaceful citizens or disbanding peaceful demonstrations and Citizens’ Assemblies. In this sense, the Movement 15 M and “Real Democracy Ya” managed, on May 27, 2011 in Barcelona, that the police had to abandon their task of dissolving, (after six hours of beating the young people), and then that there were even more people, taking Plaza Catalunya. A few technocrats and financiers will not be able to fight a mass of Conscious and Educated Citizens in politics who know what they don’t want, but also know what they want. The only way to rid ourselves of technologically supported slavery is to make the masses part of politics rather than mere spectators.

D) In the religious aspect: There are one of the most dangerous pitfalls to bring the Ecologenic Plan to fruition, because religious fanatics (leaders and directed) are intolerant in many places. Ecologists may be of any religion, but religious ideas should never be mixed with political purpose. Except in Islamic States, which already have religious formation and coherence (and many of them are tolerant of religion), Ecologist leaders must necessarily be lay in practice, even if they have a faith, because otherwise they will eventually involve their tendencies and/or their commitments to religious powers. Only man free of fanaticism (religious or not) is able to understand the deep aspects of real spirituality, as well as respect all people, whatever their religion. It should never be a “law” but a formality of good education, avoid in the Assemblies of Citizens any personal display of one’s own religious tendency. This may be more difficult in Muslim countries, but it is not impossible either. It is only possible for them to adhere to the political objectives of the Citizens’ Assemblies, leaving religious interests aside. No truly child-loving mother wants them on a front line, unless their country is invaded.


            It is also true that Ecology is manifestly contrary to sending troops from one country to another, unless its own Ecologist Government soes with the approval of the People’s Assembly Power, whether for rescue, disaster relief or invasions of non-Ecologenic countries against an Ecologenic country requesting assistance. The ethics of the Nation is, in any case, the average product of the ethics of all its citizens. Nations exist as a result of a collective spirit, which may have its divisions, differentiations, but obey a historical sequence, a cluster of values acquired during that sequence. Patriotism is the Citizen’s sense of commitment to his nation, which does not prevent man from being, as a patriot, a “citizen of the world”. But this “citizenship of the world” will be utopian as long as man is a mere piece of chess on the board of global monetary slavery.  

The only reason to pervert the sense of patriotism as has been done, so that Citizens end up despising and even hating their flag and patriotic symbols, is the globalizing spirit of the stateless rulers of finance, who at the same time, waving local flags, create “independence” movements, which are actually “separatist”. They claim to be “idealists” but their ideal is the global power, the subjugation – indirect for now and direct after – of all the masses of the planet. They are people without Love or Respect for the individual, they play gods in a world of misery and death; destroy with their artful genius, all spiritual values, hide and/or distort the deep values of religions, implant musical and pseudo-arthistic tendencies and fashions with subliminal factors, polarize the masses with any pretext (sports, vain discussions about whether such or that law is good, idiotizing TV shows, etc.).

            Politics is a science, but its apparent complexity is – as in the economy – the product of the cluster of psychological aberrations created in society and innate in politicians who serve the most aberrated yet lords of the economy. Market policy is a “complicated” policy, rather than complex, and the “geniuses of politics” (both good and bad) are actually people who have not been deceived by false and absurd, contradictory and distorted terminology that the people are deceived. Market policy is complicated, but natural policy is not complicated. Moneycracy is complicated because it needs to produce slaves, ignorant peoples, confused activists, fanatics, warriors on two opposing sides who kill each other, rather than attacking their true oppressors as citizens. It’s complicated to lie, but the truth isn’t complicated.

            The market policy is totally crazy, it is designed by delusions of power, so it is the height of complexity, of never reaching an agreement, of not reaching the rational, the just, the really good for all. Instead, true politics is simple, it can be understood by everyone and can – and should !- be practiced by everyone.

            It is normal to talk about “Eco-gene policy” as something related exclusively to politics or economics, but Ecologenia is much more than that, because it is a way of life that encompasses everything. The political aspect of Ecology should be called “natural politics”, but already many readers of the book “Ecologenia” who have communicated with the author, talk about Ecologenic policy and it is impossible to reverse the trend of terms. On the other hand, in many nations, Ecologenic parties will have to be created – paradoxically – so that citizens can reach power peacefully, avoiding “legal reactions” by the current satraps of the World Economic Government. If this serves to lay the foundations for a political movement that will lead Humanity to live Ecologenically, then welcome the new “Ecologist Party” in each country.

            Ecologenia is the antithesis of all the paraphernalia created by the market’s architects, dividing into rights, lefts and centres, although in principle, to initiate the process of local transformation first and globally as a result, it may be necessary for Ecologists who join the Movement, create parties and involve people not committed to left and right extremists. It is not enough to abolish “bipartisanship”, but “partisanship” itself. Paradoxically we will have to create Ecologenic Parties, as I said, but finally it is about turning the system into Assembly, abolishing the partycracy in all its infected and infectious variants. It is not possible to make a “right-wing ecology” or a left-wing one, because it encompasses the full spectrum of human values from a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical point of view, although I rescue in philosophy and practice, the best ideas of both extremes.

             The basis of Ecology is the application of the Doc-Trina (Knowledge of the Three) which are The Being, Consciousness and Will, which are inherent aspects of every individual and manifest themselves respectively as Love, Intelligence and Power. These three elements are not merely philosophy and their balance, both in the individual and in society, depend on Freedom, Security, Joy and Happiness. Survival depends on these four pillars. Other aspects such as wealth, harmony, etc., come together as causal or as a performers to produce Survival. If those factors are missing, survival fails because slaves are terminated and eventually dead; ends in insecurity and therefore fear, so it also falls into any form of slavery. Without joy and happiness the influence of psychological engrams and psychosometosis increases, and this causes more than seventy percent of diseases and predisposes for the remaining thirty percent.

            So Ecology is opposed to market and money, as it is understood today, even if in its first stage trade continues locally and globally, and money continues to exist in the hands of states, not private banks. The industry will not fall for revolutionizing the world towards an Eco-gene policy, the distribution of resources and goods will not be altered, no crises will occur, nor will existing ones be accentuated. Just “crisis” is caused to manipulate us, to keep the masses at bay and to subdue them through the missing money, the debt. Although in principle and to establish itself as a way of life, money must continue to exist as a means of exchange and functioning of society, seeking by all means to remove in the first place the usury at the same time that taking money as a purpose from human consciousness, and the belief that it is the instrument without which it is not possible to live , grow, progress and transcend.

            For “utopia” to come true, residual scourges must first be eliminated, first in politics and then privately: This means that economic corruption in politics must be ended first, for which there is no need to invent more laws than there is. There are no legal remedies for this and at most laws will have to be removed or adapted. The formation of Citizens’ Assemblies, which we will talk about a little more in this one, must be the main instrument for the beginning of political and social transformation which will undoubtedly lead to the real rescue of society.

            Climate change is certainly a very worrying current factor, although there are more lies than truths in official information; but no action taken, no international agreement that can be reached under the dictatorship of money, will be of benefit to the inhabitants of the world, but one more political trap. There won’t even be any temporary patches. The genocidal choice of selective and disguised extermination already underway through global chemical sticing sprays may wipe out half or more of the world’s population, and that is much more worrying for everyone than climate changes. But even worse it is for those who survive in spite of everything, if moneycracy achieves its purposes, because microchips will make those who are left alive much more slaves, far less thoughtful and much more mediocre in all activity, than the man of centuries ago.  Nanotechnology has population control resources that are already underway and if the mass does not find out it is because it does not interest it, because it finds it difficult to believe. Actually, because he’s terrified of possible reality.

            Scalar weapons, such as HAARP, which we spoke of briefly in the previous book, have shown terrible reach, making it clear that both the tsunami that affected Indonesia, the Haiti earthquake, the Earthquake in Chile, Japan and at least twenty others were caused by this technology. Serious information and testimonials abound on the internet, which will never be seen in the commercial and official media. All these disasters had epicenters ten kilometers under the sea, with the momentum of vector-directed waters and seismic waves so that Nature can never do it. We leave now to the Readers the data to continue their personal research, while we go in this book to the Local Ecology, because it is of no use to know what happens globally if we do not move into action locally.


Alvin Toffler, an excellent “futurist,” said decades ago: “Modern society must begin to act responsibly locally, with a view to the global. Thinking globally and acting locally will be the only solution.” But there is an older background of the concept: “Let us think of Rome, but let us do in Mesia” (Consul Manio Laberio Maximus at 90 AD) and a council of Socrates to Hiparco of Thrace: “Think of the good of Greece, but do in Antipolis what you should do”.

            The first step, freshly exposed, i.e. the creation of the Citizens’ Assembly, is the one that will allow the social mass, among other things: 1) Control public accounts, 2) Call for opposition surrender (fitness test) to officials and politicians, 3) Propose projects, 4) Control the correct execution of such projects once they are in place, 5) It may accept or reject the salaries of councillors and mayors (or what is called to the local authority (immediate). (6) It may request actions of provincial or national scope effectively, and in agreements with other Citizens’ Assemblies. (7) It may deal with all matters involving the need for a solution and mutual assistance between citizens, moderating or mediating between businesses and the State or between businesses and citizens. 8) Generate urban and rural microeconomics, independent or semi-independent.

            The Assembly should not be understood as a “parallel government”, but rather the very essence of the Government, a constant political vigilance of the major stages, in which no member can ever participate only by collecting a salary, nor manifest a “partisan” tendency. No House – since all citizens participate in them, should allow someone to continue to pay a salary once a political office is abandoned, unless they are retired by age.

            Public officials, politicians with public office and their first-degree relatives (children, partners, siblings and parents) and businessmen who have a relationship or contracts with the State are prevented from participating with a vote in the Citizens’ Assemblies, but are entitled to participate with a voice.

            These Citizens’ Assemblies need to have legal quality as an institution, which is difficult or impossible to achieve while extremist governments (right-wing or left-wing) and even more difficult when it comes to corrupt corporations in local power. So it is necessary for citizens who are conscious and willing to carry out the Ecologenia Plan to form a “political party”. Experience has shown that it is no use trying to rescue minority parties, because even they are corrupt everywhere. In some ways, some Arabic countries that have tribal tradition have institutions similar to the Assembly. They will not find it difficult to adapt to ideas, without prejudice to their respectable customs, religion and traditions.


            The second step is the implementation of the Assembly system, the elimination of usury and the nationalization of banking, which must be a service again, not a business. This ends the bucket of mortgages and many other causes of social tragedies. This ends with unemployment, because entrepreneurs can make progress. And the “deficits of the state” due to their indebtedness to private banks, and in some states, especially Europeans, are seeing the height of the brat in corruption with “bailouts to banking”, that is, money is taken from our taxes to give to banks, so that they in turn lend it to us.

            The National Assembly may establish a Single National Bank, which will operate the microeconomics, but whose funds will be made up of legitimate savings from local entrepreneurs and their loans will be zero-interest, depending on the independent economy. This development will be facilitated by removing all tax burdens from work. The income of the local estates will only derive from the taxes of foreign companies that occupy physical space. Tax-free citizenship (absurd in a money-handling state) can produce magnificent works, expanding creativity in all areas. These and more ideas can be perfected and executed only through the legalized and institutionalized formation of Citizens’ Assemblies.


(With statistical input from J. D. M. American Anthropology)

            The mediocre man is basically the man incapable of contributing to his influence to the social, political, spiritual and intellectual improvement of society, and even hindering all charitable development. You’d think he’s the man without ideals, but there are also mediocre idealists. The idealist who has no will to kill or die for his ideal of Freedom does not escape mediocrity, because he believes that a life of slavery is worth more than his freedom if his life is at risk. You can imagine how much you’ll care about the Freedom of others. The man without Love is definitely mediocre, even if he is the master of the world. It will make a mediocre world, a slave world, suffering, nothing really “ideal”. Man without intelligence – that is, the one who does not use it, because except the physiologically minded no one lacks Intelligence – is mediocre.

            The degree of mediocrity is inversely proportional to the balance between his Love, his Intelligence and his Will. In man with ideals, mediocrity is also inversely proportional to his tenacity in sustaining them. In all men, mediocrity is directly proportional to their selfishness. However, it is still difficult to find someone who escapes mediocrity in some sense, even having great virtues, inventiveness, creativity and a lot of gifts, because society – and/or its institutions – has shaped minds into a framework of constant psychological aberration. Thus, mediocrity is practically the common seal of every mortal, except for those who are willing to lose everything for their ideals, but who are able to change or perfect them without fanaticism for the good of all mankind. The man who escapes mediocrity has learned to say “I don’t know” and to ask for forgiveness, but very rarely he must ask for it, because he thinks very well before saying or doing, but always does what he says and what he thinks.

            The line of fulfilment that transcendent man (who is not mediocre) carries is to feel, think, say and make coherent, in the same line. The mediocre man suffers from psychological aberrations and feels unclear what he feels; thinks based on their aberrations and sometimes doesn’t even think. Then he says anything silly and finally does anything. It is not known if he will do what he says, it is not known if he will do what he thinks, or he will simply do what his psychological aberrations dictate at any time. The problem is, on the one hand, that society does not know what the mediocre will do. But it’s also part of the problem that the individual himself doesn’t know.

            Everyone must escape mediocrity as soon as possible; doing a meditation therapy as simple as taking an hour a day to ask “Who I am,” “Where I come from,” “What do I do here” (or “what am I here for”) would be the first step in freeing yourself from much of the psychological aberration and increasing your intellectual potential and your conditionings, your irrationalities. But anyone who wants to hold an Environmentalist political post cannot be mediocre, it should not be, it has no right to be mediocre. Fate, health, education, security, evolution, development and therefore the happiness of citizens depend on the true politician. If you have any measure of mediocrity, if you are unwilling to fight to your own or others’ death for this ideal, you’d better leave room for another and collaborate as far as you can. Ecology needs leaders. Without leadership, the Assembly system would be anarchy. Therefore, Citizens must learn to recognize true leaders, who are on the one hand the opposite of the mediocre, on the other hand, an example of ethics. It is a thousand times preferable the ethical man, the capable, the genius or the brave. But the environmental politician must have ethics, intelligence, courage and – most importantly with the mediocre – an absolute and unconditional love for humanity.

            As we have already said, the slave policy, of mercantile selfishness, tyrannical (disimulated or not), is very complex and completely escapes the understanding of even people with high intellectual coefficients, so it is inaccessible to those who have little capacity for subjectivization or with psychological aberrations (even at aberration levels considered “normal”). It’s like trying to unleash the Gordian Knot, created just to produce deception and absurdity.

            On the other hand, the Ecology policy is simple, open, there is no secrecy, there are no “state secrets”, be it executive orders, judicial matters or scientific matters. There are only a few exceptions in criminal matters that judges can handle without any complications, using discretion, as long as the Assembly does not require public ventilation. Where more exceptions may fit, it is in the military field, provided that there is a possible enemy or for certain technological developments. But when implemented, it tends to significantly raise society’s IQ.

            However, the mass understanding of Ecology requires the determined activity of people who escape the mold of normality, cultural creatives, rebels, socially committed, officials connoisseurs of political verdicts, non-fanatical spiritualists, judges (those who carry justice as a true vocation) and scientists, because carrying forward the Global Plan of Ecology has a much more serious problem than confronting the powerful : The confrontation with the mediocre mind of most of the human mass, to which must be converted into an active participant of its destiny. Waking her up and taking her out of mediocrity is the big challenge… Implementing Ecology in the West will be a very difficult task for leaders, given the complex process required for the correct education of citizens, which implies in addition to the profound change in all subjects, of collective psychological therapy. In this sense, Transcendental Psychology offers the best alternatives, and leaders who want to change the world must first change themselves, eliminate their own aberrations, purge their own emotional fields. This will greatly increase their intellectual capacity, but also gain views and wisdom, of which the best politicians now have only a vague glimpse. The recommended books on Transcendental Psychology are Cathrsis Cátara and Biodecoding

            Mediocre minds cannot easily glimpse the horizon of Ecologenia, but those who can comprehend it find it hard to believe that it is possible. That is the problem of mediocrity as a gram, as a psychological tara that even very intelligent people tolerate Most of the world working class barely have time to think, because the slavery of the everyday has it sufficiently concerned with “their affairs” (economic survival), but professional castes actually have the same problem. Even if they have a somewhat higher mental coefficient, they suffer the same mediocrity either by educational conditioning or by the fact that being a little better positioned, they settle for the difference, they feel “lucky” to have everything they have, without realizing that they are simply, slaves with more privileges, always afraid to lose them. They still “know” what they were taught, not what they checked or what they deduced (except for their professions); they still buy and sell; they still live to pay and that is – always the same – their greatest concern and their greatest “pride” in the face of the most disadvantaged classes.

            The mediocre man does not make money to live, but lives to make money. It lacks Ideals and has plenty of desires and fatuas dreams. Imagine a better world for yourself and go out of their way, but don’t understand that a better world for yourself can only be if it’s great for everyone. The mediocre man is not the one they present in the sales courses as an example of how it should not be, to be able to sell more, but that the really mediocre are those who only live for sale and purchase without ethical limits. But that has nothing to do with having much or little. This specimen – now the most abundant in the world today – is found in all social strata, from the measly worker who barely manages to feed himself badly and feed his family, to the richest. If you are looking for men who are truly oblivious to this painful classification, we must look for them among scientists, philosophers, technicians and engineers, where the percentage of transcendent (non-mediocre) men is around five percent. Interestingly, such an index is also found in prisons, where the non-mediocre tends to fall by misfitting the system or errors in the deductions he makes of his role in life and his relationship with the society to which he does not feel to belong.

            Among doctors, the percentage that escapes psychological and intellectual mediocrity is – curiously and sadly – distressing, hovering around 1.5 per thousand, according to the global studies of psychoanthropology of 1983 (USA, Australia, Europe and much of South America). This is because most of the medical caste is employed directly or indirectly, from the pharmacopoeia industry and very money, unlike Cuban, Chinese and Russian doctors (Russians from before Perestroika), who in addition to studying medicine by vocation seriously established by the State, have such academic and service demands, that this vocation is carried out to excellence and maintains , or is abandoned flatly.

            The mediocrity measured with a series of parameters too long and complex to develop in this book, can be treated as all psychopathies and special education. Although it is the most common product of the various psychopathies, mediocrity is the least detected by psychologists and the most used by leaders of moneycracy. It is a factor of special care for the Ecologenic politician, since he must first fight it in himself and then with the mediocrity of the mass, especially if he carries out Plan A – which we will see later – but then he will have to work with the same care to defeat it in the classroom, in collective education (propaganda) and in psychological offices.

            The environmentalist politician must constantly speak to his people, he must teach him, he must be with him at all times, he is a priesthood and the highest, for serving everyone is the greatest honor a man can have, as well as the greatest of responsibilities. It is up to the scientist to improve life rather than make terrible weapons; it depends – and not on the theorists of psychology – that the population is psychologically healthy. It depends on him that the sweeper, the gardener or the chauffeur have the same happiness and possibilities of development as the scientist, the Judge or himself.

            The environmentalist politician, although if he is good people will always want him at the helm, he will not seek to perpetuate themselves in power, but prepare a large number of teachers in the art of governing. That’s coming out of mediocrity. Such a politician is the one who will finally have to stand in the rule for a long time, because his people will know how to recognize his work. But it will be demonstrated when he must abandon by death, old age or tiredness, when his disciples rule better than he does. Taking peoples out of mediocrity is the mission of true politicians. The de-moneyization of collective consciousness is one of the greatest challenges that arise today.

            The classification of “Mediocre Man” would be something very general, while the “Homo mercatoris” is a separate species, at the end of mediocrity, that only lives for finance, to earn money, to be filled with luxuries without having a few hours a day to dedicate itself to a true vocation (scientific, artistic or sports). It’s mediocrity in person. Some of these specimens practice some sport or hobby to stay in good condition; belong to some charity club to redeem their conscience a little and enhance their vanity, and they practice some religion so that God – in the case they believe in their possible existence – will forgive them their mischief, but the truth is that few have any ideal and even strangers still who fight for him. It would be highly recommended for every citizen to take a tour of the stock exchange in full activity, to see and feel how the spirit of mediocrity acts when dressed in greed and greed. For most brokers, it’s just very hard work, but they’re actually part of the most aberrant gear ever invented. Along with casinos or a little more, the stock market is the main adult suicide factory. But in a less visible way to the citizen mass, it is the cause of famines, wars and other forms of genocide. For the authors of that aberration, his god is money, because he is the one who gives them power over the mass, almost unlimited luxuries… And a hellishly mediocre life, when we undress them a little, especially if they lose part of their fortune.

            José Ingenieros wrote the excellent book “The Mediocre Man” that is obtained free of charge on the internet, so that we will not abound in the matter, but it is for the political ecologist, to reflect a lot about the psychology of the mediocre, because he will find there one of the most difficult pitfalls to overcome and even dangerous, because mediocre men have sheep’s suits, but they take out claws and wolf tusks when they touch their beliefs. They defend themselves as lions when they are made to see their vanities, their social prestige or any of what they consider their “high values” is at risk, although they do not know how to differentiate moral value (purely social, conventional and conditioned) with ethical value, nor do they have any idea of the difference between ethics and morality.

            Globally, the human percentage that would escape mediocrity is negligible. Although economic innovators are around 5% and cultural innovators are around 10%, ethical innovators do not exceed one by a thousand. But because of the mental and ethical nature of these highly supportive, selfless, material, altruistic, dedicated, helpful, most common – logical in a money society – is that they have little survival resources. Very few achieve economic development that allows them to do something important to society and have the false belief that being rich is sinful, or incongruous with their ideals.

             Although these numb idealists are not usually used by moneycracy (except for handing out allopathic medicines, food from the market), it is important to take into account when mobilizing them, which they have created – as good rebels, own conditionings and their own beliefs (and therefore more fanatical, if you will, because at the end of the day, it has cost them not least of neuron to create them). If these idealists have turned to mysticism, their futility as political collaborators (or of any order) is absolute and the environmentalist politician is better off not having such individuals for politics. However, the idealistic species also has brave warriors and highly analytical people prone to understand the Ecologenia (or anything reasonable) in depth and possibly even those who together with the scientific elite, who should improve ecology and its arguments according to the type of society from which they must start in practice.  Despite how pessimistic the psychoanthropological situation may seem, Ecologenic leaders should not forget that it has been intellectual and psychological mediocrity that dinercrats (and other previous slavers) have used against peoples. Demagoguery is nothing but the use of imbecility, psychic taras, dreaming, fatuous beliefs, selfishness, little intelligence and everything that does to the mediocrity of the people itself, to drive it as cattle wherever they want to take it.

            The Ecologist must make use of great ingenuity and a lot of meditation so as not to fall into demagoguery, but he must bear in mind that he works with the same material: The mind and emotions of citizens. As clear as his word and teaching may be, however transparent his function, and even if television cameras are pointed at him throughout his day and even in bed, there will always be a lot of malandra slave to money slandering and a lot of idiot repeating the slander, changing his mind and voting when he listens to what is not, on the part of the convincing demagogues and trained deiformers.

            So we will have to have a huge mass of mediocrity generating not only “opposition”, but the most violent and ruinous attacks that any politician has received. That will be a sign that he has touched the painful fibers of moneycracy and better be warned. If you endure a decade in the mediated communities (which is like saying “half-idiotized” or “idiotized by the means”), or a lustro in the most primitive and natural communities, it will have won, even for a second you should neglect your guard, because there will be infiltrations in the Assemblies, because sometimes they will be a nest of anarchists than real assemblymen, because until education adjusts things , many Assemblies will be a nest of “emotional demons”, rather than a meeting of people reasoning. It will often encounter Assemblies mesmerized by skilled speakers who will convince the multitude of the need for “another leader”, defying by a false understanding (by the assemblymen) of the meaning of the Assembly and democratic rights, trying to lead the mass back to the partycracy, to the farewell of an authentic leader or a prefabricated leader. These and many other tricks will be used to pervert the Spirit Of assembly, Republican and Ecologist.

            That’s where the leader will have to face himself as a better speaker, better didacta, calm but uncompromising, vehemently in his expression if necessary, but unperturbed within. That is where the true Environmental Leader will see himself taking examinations before the mass of Citizens and will only approve successful if he speaks from the Heart, with Deep Love, from the depths of his convictions achieved by consciousness, not by any fanaticism, that is, from his Love and His Intelligence, which will resonate by his clarity in the Intelligence of all Citizens. That is where he must show himself that he is able to speak to the Soul, manifesting his Will. That is where the Will of the People will have been consummated rather than consumed, because the true Leader stimulates the will of the people. The difference between a skilled and cunning charlatan who knows how to pray well and works following ruined archetypes, and an Ecologist Leader, is that after hearing the first the mass stirs, hateful and violent emerges. While after the authentic Leader’s prayer the mass is happy, driven and excited towards work, with constructive, creative doing. It is not the false expectation of political promise, but in the firm determination to put into practice the best things for itself, for the Nation and for the whole world.

            You must be constantly alert against your own weaknesses. The most dangerous moment for a politician is when he has consolidated power and relaxed. If for an instant you have the slightest idea that you are “the one who commands”, you will have violated with your mind the ideal that represents and will be good for him and for the people who are terrified, to meditate and to restore their thought. If you see an instant intended to do something just to “retain power”, instead of “fulfilling duty,” you’d better shudder, declare it, and confess to your Assembly so that it decides whether to give you a new opportunity, given the high value of your confession. Still, before his person is perverted and the Assembly System takes him out of ineptitude, he will do well to resign if he had a new “lapse” of power delusion.