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In this link we have a chilling document and a video that will sound “like” or exactly like the doctors of all countries where the slave sinarchy (which has been given the name “Cabal”) dominates the media and health institutions.



Spain and Italy are immobilized by order of their governments. Closed bars, museums, beaches and is committed to staying at home for weeks or months. The same is being done in many other countries. This action has not been followed in England, but this appears to be a PULSEADA, a media form of World War III, among a strong group of World Governments against the enemy of all peoples, i.e. against SLAVERY and their financial and media weapons. 
THERE IS NO CORONAVIRUS. Or at least not in the way they want to sneak it in. There are diseases, but the causes are very different from what media lies make the mass believe. Contradictions are flagrant in all media and corrupt institutions. World Slavery and its conscious henchmen are rehearsing its power, which they are about to lose if the FINANCIAL RESET that seems to be underway is finally carried out. In any case, this Financial Reset may be true, or also one more “redemptiveist” maneuver, of the same tyrants who govern governments through money, intelligence services and high-tech equipment. So we can’t wait any heroics to play any government. If it is real, we will see it, but still, now is when the sum of personal actions must demonstrate the FREE WILL of all peoples. Otherwise we’ll only have changed owners. That is why these messages need to be disseminated by all means and contacts.

The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is a very carefully mounted, but hasty-executed farce. Things like aerial fumigations (chemtrails), or mortality for other reasons and especially diseases, have stopped talking. These are averaged global data from 2016 to 2019

COMMON FLU: 300,000 deaths per year. (BUT: DISCOVERED ABOUT 2109 OF COMMON SEASONAL INFLUENZA, without coronavirus or any unusual “pandemic”: 4,000,000 infected with approximately 520,000 deaths)
DENGUE: 260,000 deaths per year.
MALARIA: 500,000 deaths per year.
TUBERCULOSIS: 1,750,000 deaths per year.
UNKNOWN: More than two million annually.

GENERAL DEATHS: 155,520 deaths
56,764,800 per year.

    Suddenly nothing is talked about, but the problem is much more serious than a simple virus less dangerous than that of the common flu, which like all viruses, has not been isolated or photographed (although there are some fakes recently made and disclosed on the web). This is an economic, political, power-playing, social engineering and mass control problem. The peoples of the world can help win this war against the criminals who are trying to subject us more closely to the usual. In principle, it is necessary to study and contrast this information, understand it and then disseminate it as much as possible.
    For the first time in known history, a global curfew plan is implemented (at least partially), under the crude but effective pretext of a large pandemic that must be tackled. Strictly biologically, a repeat of the terrorist campaigns of influenza A, mad cows, swine flu and others that had even less impact.

But politically, a campaign to stop the economy and normal life of countries, including the inability to travel and virtually a global house arrest. In fact, as we explain here partly, the realization of world war III, of which we know well only two sides: the peoples of the world and the financial global sinarchy that wants to eliminate 7 billion people in order to maintain what they consider their “human herd” at manageable levels.
    There is a third front of real existence as an enemy of that sinarchy and ally of the peoples, but we do not know their real activity, which has been secretly taken so far and we barely know that it is composed of some fifty governments, fifty strong countries that, although there are infiltrators in their governments, as there are them in corrupt governments, would be working to free humanity from the yugo of false debts , usury and all that slavery that we suffer, even if in many places it is not too noticeable thanks to media entertainment and a quality of life that seems good, only because it is better than that of the poorest. That “better quality of life,” which involves having fifty medicines on the light table or medicine cabinet, instead of really health.

    It becomes clear that there is a global factual power, which no country has chosen “democratically”, that which directs most of our lives directly or indirectly, which subjects governments and citizens to a constant debt, increasingly inexorably and irretrievably. There is a power in the shadows and those who say that this is “conspiranoia”, they are mere employees of that power, more or less aware of it, many totally unconscious, and you have to be very mentally deficient or totally uninformed at this point, to believe that such power does not exist. The “external debt” of all countries is only a small percentage of real debt to other states. More than 98% of the debt mass is against a single global organization (global banks) that wields power through a few large international private banks and a Machiavellian institution called the IMF (Global Monetary Fund). Debts are incurred on behalf of states, by corrupts around the world, who hold as Ministers of Economy, or democratic democratic opponents of the country or even dreadful tyrants toyed by intelligence operatives by that sinarchy of financial powers, as is the case with Bolivian Jeanine Añez (see this liaison

Let’s look at the problem in parts.

The smallest bacteria are 1 to 2 mm (a micron or micron, which is one thousandth of the millimeter).


They can be seen with optical microscopes. But larger viruses are a thousand times smaller than smaller bacteria, so they CANNOT BE SEEN WITH OPTICAL MICROSCOPIOS. There are everywhere, from books to the Internet, different images of the same virus. But no sequence of images matches, which shows that there is not a single real sequence. Investigating thoroughly, we found that there is no original author of the images as photos, even as infographics. But the thing is, viruses could be photographed, but there are no photographs, but models created with computers.

   Virus photos can only be taken with scanning electron microscopes, but in the few supposedly serious images, stacks appear, virtually isolated from the medium. Finally, scientists recognize that what they do are computer models, something “approximate”, i.e. THEORETICAL, not real. So we found that everything about viruses is a LIE on the part of these pseudo-scientific institutions serving pharmacopoeity, because even though they are so small, the so-called viruses have between 20 and 450 nanometers (one nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter). But… SANSUNG makes microchips of a diameter of SEVEN nanometers. That is, about three times smaller than the smaller virus. How do you explain that there are no real photographs of viruses? We searched in more than twenty languages, without finding any authentic photo hints. And quantum models are made, of particles millions of times smaller than an electron. So not having properly isolated a virus is like saying that “we have not been able to find the elephant hiding behind the stems of the daisies“. This is the case with the NON-EXISTING VIRUS of AIDS (and also this other link) or as demonstrated in 201, the NON-EXISTENT measles virus. Nothing less than the German Supreme Court gave the scientist Stefan Lanka the reason on this matter, which is in fact strong evidence not only of measles or AIDS, but of the very non-existence of viruses as such.


The viruses were “discovered” by microbiologist Dimitri Ivanovski in 1892 but he never assigned them a life of their own, but as granulometrically too small toxins, so they could pass through certain porcelain dust filters that do not pass through bacteria. A perspective view makes us understand that we have been under media terrorism generated by pharmaceutical mafias for more than a century so that out of fear of those creatures that we can’t even see under a microscope, we’ll get vaccinated. We’re talking billions of dollars every year in any country, astronomical figures globally.
     The scientific truth proven by us thanks to a few dozen researchers in biology, microbiology, microscopy and epidemiology, is that so-called “viruses” are only deshed gene material product of lysed (mortandad) bacteria and cells. Some molecular chains may seem somewhat active because they move depending on the surrounding electromagnetic fields (of the nervous system and the whole body) or by the currents of bodily fluids, but they have no life of their own, they have no metabolism, a set of viruses can not be found, which can be identified as something active and capable of producing anything on other organisms. Simply, gene rubbish from which no two equal images will be taken, which will not be able to have an equal action, nor is there a specific genome. In short, viruses are an invention of the early twentieth century very convenient to international pharmacopoeic. Their “vaccines” were designed to earn large sums of money and after World War II became part of an agenda for global population control, making their content much more complex, as can be seen here: 


    The psychological part is really the hardest thing to foresee and fix, because it does not depend on a measure of government, or on the doing or stop doing the criminals against humanity who run the world since financial speculation. That depends on a formidable algebraic sum of VOLUNTADES, your willingness to influence your social environment and then the wills that can join your leadership, or that you find a leader to support and activate once and for all the Ecology, that is, the ASAMBLEARIA DEMOCRATY, in an absolute replacement for the false democracy of the PARTIES TO THE SERVICE OF THE FINANCIAL INTERESTS and the World Far-Mafia. A bit of a very concrete history, from 2010, in the voice of one of the bravest journalists in Spain, Iñaki Gabilondo:


There are thousands or hundreds of thousands of videos like this that explain these things and raise awareness, if they search for “coronavirus farce” in various languages.

Everyone can do something, even though governments complicit in crimes against Humanity try to keep us isolated, not to meet, or to watch a concert or attend a course… Nothing, just stay locked up at home, waiting for you to get vaccinated, apart from leaving the ground free for a Third World War among the countries hardest subdued by Zionism (USA and Eropa9) and the Russia-China bloc. with many allies in Africa and Hispaniamerica.

And there, on the issue of vaccination is the most terrible of all at the individual level, but attention: At least three companies have said that they were already planning the appearance of Covid-19, so they had started to develop the corresponding vaccines. Vaccines for a virus that was supposedly created under strict military secret in China, and that is actually being shown that even that is not true, as there are Chinese versions from multiple sources, some very reliable, that the photos and videos and all the mortality in Wuhan is a media creation, that is, a bad movie, totally false. And that is one of the reasons for the measures they took against the population, to prevent the circus from being dismantled, just as the super hospital supposedly built in six days has already been dismantled… I don’t know why it resonates with creating something in six days. We’ll update this same page. See more important things on the biological topic IN THIS LINK.


    A lot has been wrong with global financial synarchy for decades. In 1960, they won the “Agenda 2000” which consisted of leaving only 500 million people worldwide alive and controlled. At that time the population barely passed 6 billion, so the goal was to kill 5.5 billion. Today it would be more than 7 billion. But many well-known leaders and other strangers emerged, creating the Internet, mobile telephony, and a satellite architecture that enabled the global interaction of all people, with economic, reliable and fast communication. They were unable to fulfill their monstrous agenda, because for this they needed to create a state of obscurantism equal to or worse than that of the Middle Ages… but they haven’t stopped trying. While all this pantomime of false pandemic is being made, there’s nothing to talk about what they’ve been rehearsing since those years: The Chemtrails, what you can see in this link.
Also in thousands, in different languages, but we put them because it seems that many people have never looked to heaven, or without the slightest knowledge of elementary physics, they believe the official information that they are “steam slings”.



And here’s an analysis report on our falls in the plane’s wake, with extremely dangerous bacteria, sprayed with those slaes, on the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid, Spain


    Measures are now being taken on THE STATE OF SITE, or TOUCH OF 24 HS, in Italy, Spain and we do not know in what other countries, but despite the brutal insistence of the means of mass disinformation, i.e. the written, radio and especially television press, people are reacting within a few days, in a way that does not end up being coherent as governments expected. There are no formal and obvious rebellions, in execution on the streets, because products and some activities such as hairdressing have been allowed… An incoherent aberration, if we go to the case. But the inconsistencies are many and it is foreseeable that the reaction of society, despite its great television idiocy, will not allow to keep things in this situation of almost house arrest for as many days as it is supposed to now. We wrote this on March 15, 2020 and we can make mistakes, but there are many incoherent details that make them anticipate that they are getting shot in the butt. Among them, the fact that videos, books and these same dissident websites against globalist slavery, are seen much more, the longer people have in their homes. In other words, social media, saturated by the same theme, causes many people to wake up from the dream of false democracy. Put another way: There are not as many lackeys and media outlets of the system minions, as conscious people who today have the possibility to make videos and hang them on the networks. Similarly, there are not so many policemen and military lackeys of globalist slavery, as to arrest all the people who will begin to abandon their absurd house arrest under the pretext of a virus that does not even exist.


An ancient fable called “The King and the Plague” tells that once an Arab king crossed the desert with his camel when he suddenly encountered the Plague. Faced with such an unpleasant encounter, he only continued to ask him in anguish where he was going, to which the Plague told him that he was on his way to Baghdad to kill five hundred people. He wanted chance to meet again and then the king took advantage to make him very angry about his lie, for the deaths had not been five hundred but five thousand.  The Plague, with a smile, replied: I have never lied to you, I took five hundred, the rest died of fear.
Extracted from the excellent website of HORACIO VELMONT



18 Oct. 2019: The Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum sponsor a “simulation exercise” with the nCoV-2019 at the John Hopkins Center.

31 Dec. 2019: China alerted WHO on cases of ‘unusual pneumonia’ in Wuhan.

7 Jan. 2020: China identifies the virus and WHO christens it nCoV2019 (same John Hopkins simulation)

24-25 Jan. 2020: At Davos The Gates Foundation and WEF announce a 2019 nCoV vaccine, ahead of who’s emergency.

30 Jan. 2020: WHO announces “Health Emergency”

Finally, a global COVID-19 vaccination campaign has already been launched