In politics there is no simpler, natural, effective, real and healthy worldview than that of
Ecologenia, because it is not an “ideology”, nevertheless the concrete application of the concepts of politics as Science, although it is very simple and easy to understand for anyone. Regardless of the discussions on any issue that is historical, esoteric or if the Earth is hollow, solid, flat, round or square, or if the Universe is an illusion or something concrete, and regardless of any scientific or philosophical discussion on any topic, The Ecological Worldview has these absolute guidelines and priorities:


Only the Common Good guarantees the individual good, the common benefit prioritized in all fields, so that all people find well-being, existential happiness and the sense of Transcendence. All other technical or scientific discussion should only try to make that destiny come true. Minority groups are part of the whole, no matter how many differences they may manifest, so that this “common good” includes, protects and serves their Transcendence. This prioritized “common good” also takes into account the aberrated groups (criminals, pedophiles, slavers, criminals of any nature, etc.), for their social reinsertion when possible, or their isolation in the best conditions when necessary, and in extreme cases, according to their reactions, they are fought. (see point 3)


Spirituality without science is the cause of infinity of aberrations, fanaticism, struggles for beliefs without real foundation, etc., and science without spirituality is the cause of other worse aberrations, because it implies the use of advanced technical knowledge, without or ethics for life. In both cases the Divinity is very far from its human physical manifestations. Both things, Science and Spirit, find their perfect connection and full understanding in Metaphysical Science , already put at the service of Humanity by the same author of Ecologenia. In this Great Knowledge an understanding of
Divinity is possible in any way that is conceived by the Faith, therefore it is not contradictory or opposite to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and any elevated concept of God. Even the atheist finds in Metaphysics the clear foundation for ethics. As for religiosity, Freedom of Worship is contemplated only with two regulations of strict application:
a) That under no religious pretext, the Constitution or any Law established in the Civil and
Penal Codes violate ared
b) That the god, gods or entities that are worshiped, are not supposed to be superior to their counterparts in other confessions.


Ecologenia loves peace, but it is only possible when Liberty reigns, as the inexorable daughter of Dignity and Loyalty. Pacifism is a current under the auspices of slavers of all times, so that villages become meek, unable to react and therefore easy to subdue. For this reason, in the Ecologenista’s Worldview this attitude of meekness is considered contrary to the values that Ecologenia holds. Who is not willing to fight life and death for their Freedom, for Justice, Abundance and all the benefits that the offers Homeland, as the largest entity of a society, does not deserve any of those benefits. Slavers have always provoked all kinds of wars, but not among themselves against other villages
(except in a few historical and more or less modern exceptions). The wars they have
sponsored have been for the manipulation of two or more villages and nations, antagonizing them, creating false flag attacks and infiltrating corrupt diplomats and other tricks in the political arena, while in the private economy they generate greed in the leaders of companies that can benefit from the confrontations and destruction of entire cities, people and countries that must then be rebuilt … So in the creation of Ecologenical States there may be attempts to induce them to war. It will be avoided as much as possible, but slavers will not be allowed to continue subduing the people, because in such a case, it ends in an absurd war with other countries, civil war or situations of misery and pauperization in all orders, worse than a war. The simplest way to generate definitive protection is by arming the people, educating them for their defense even in the last corner of the Nation. This is the reason why some small nations that have suffered invasion attempts have been able to repel all attacks.


It is not complex, anyone can understand all or almost everything of the Natural Economy that we call Econogenia. It is totally opposed to the economy of finance and the market, because it is complex, created on the basis of selfishness, individual good over the common good, turning men into avid scavengers, usurers, selfish exploiters, fearful of lose what is earned, whether working as a slave or subduing others. This financial economy is riddled with contradictions, sustained by changing laws according to the convenience of world manipulators and in part to the momentary convenience of those who exercise it. It is enough to see the degrading spectacle of the stock exchanges and their dynamics, to find a hominid species in which the participants become at times: The “Homo mercatoris«, who shouts, despairs, struggles with gestures and a great intelligence wasted in an activity that gives some people some profit and bankruptcy for others, but ultimately leads countries of the world to poverty. The highest suicide rate in the world is found in this workforce. But in the Ecologenia Worldview all this aberration is replaced by the Work Value over any other, becoming the Economy, a mere simplified technical instrument in the DISTRIBUTION of goods and services. An Economy at
the service of the villages, not these at the service of the economy. In slave society, there is almost no country where children are born “debt free” because a group of slavery’s
henchmen has generated unpayable “external debts”. Just as a company can declare itself “financial bankruptcy”, the same must be done by nations to get out of economic traps.


A town that doesn’t have to worry about
“making ends meet”, or whether they will have money to go to the doctor, or educate their
children, or if they will be able to have their house, or pay the rent, nor do they have to To
worry about “selling your product” in the case of entrepreneurs and producers, the
psychological burdens that produce STRESS, which is the cause of most diseases in the
modern world, disappear, they don’t longer exist. It is estimated that more than twenty percent of marital breakdowns are due to the impossibility of maintaining a healthy relationship in an economically depressed environment, but in the rest of the cases, this problem also exists as one of the factors of destruction of the family. Apart from the massive psychological corrections derived from a healthy political and social way of life, Ecologenia proposes a personal work on psychology, which can be done regardless of whether one lives in an Ecologenic State or any other place and time. This book , by the same author as Ecologenia, is recommended. As i affirms, most diseases do not have a physical origin, but a mental and/or psychological origin.


These four pillars of the State Obligation cannot be private in any area, level or place of a Nation. They must be absolutely free, functional and decisive, without any individual or company being able to exercise without State control. Everything else may be subject to the money that each one earns honestly with his work, but these four factors must be available to each and every citizen, without exception. Health in Ecology includes all forms of therapy that provides to be effective, including allopathy as an alternative, but no pharmacopoeia can thrive in Ecology without strict state control. Laboratories are also intended to be state-owned, in order to guarantee the quality and guarantees that many medicines on the market lack. Among the most recommended therapy systems in Ecologenia, there is Germanic Medicine , the use of medications such as MMS , and others that, because they are extremely inexpensive, are revealed by the market pharmacopoeia and some doctors, that consciously or unconsciously work. Also effective therapies such as pyramidology and biodecoding are developed by ecologenists.


There are countless devices invented by delusional authors, technically great but totally ignorant of market policy, who seek to patent and commercialize which is not of interest to the slave interests … Or rather, they “are interested in not …” So they end up closing their mouths with a good amount of money, or with a few grams of lead.
In the Ecologenia Worldview, energy cannot be “owned” by anyone, but by everyone, and
every invention or discovery that benefits society in terms of energy freedom and
environmental benefit must be given the green light. Savonius type vertical axis mills ,
permanent magnet or magnetic induction motors in coils, photovoltaic systems,
hydro-gravitational use, M.E.G., etc.


The most dangerous criminals in the world are trying to reduce the world population by force of wars, a medicine that more than cures, makes ill; through the artificial creation of viruses, sprayed with chemtrails containing infectious bacteria, the development of weapons such as HAARP and the pretext with which they convince, diplomats, scientists, airplane pilots, the military and people from various fields, is that « no more people fit in the world «. This is absolutely false. The living space of some countries may be somewhat “tight”, but the solution is not to kill 15 of every 16 inhabitants of the planet. On the one hand, there is the undeniably viable possibility of occupying and making fertile the nine tenths of abandoned (deserted) or semi-abandoned continental surface. The Earth has about 135,100,o00 km2 of continental surface, but less than 17 million km2 are inhabited. That is, less than 8%. The abundance of current technical resources would make possible an infinite variety of means to make the rest of the world livable and productive. If we stick only to the adequacy to live in houses, not in huge buildings, say “in rural and semi-rural mode”, there would already be around eighty billion people in the world. We barely touch the ten percent of inhabitants that the world can sustain in optimal conditions. On the other hand, the Ecologenist Worldview does not exclude the criterion of reproductive selectivity, which must be carried out through education and the development of consciousness, not through the force of laws as China did long ago. This will allow those who have genetic diseases, psychological defects and a long etcetera to refrain from reproducing. At some point it is certain that more intense eugenic control will be necessary, but it will also have to derive from massive education, from a clear collective
awareness of “how many do we fit in the world”. For that, we still have more than eighty
years to go. But we don’t have so much time to counteract the global massacre that the world financial leadership has already launched, so that we do not have to distribute its


The world is now “on the razor’s edge.” The Natural Policy used by the ancient humanities
and some not so far back in time is recovered, or this civilization collapses with the slaughter
– already planned – of 7,000 million people. The wars caused by all the influence springs, the fumigation with chemtrails and the false pandemics to stop the normality of life, are some of the attempts to do so. This plan of elimination of the majority of Humanity is called “eugenics” by some. However, in reality, eugenics is a set of educational measures
(compulsory or not) to prevent people with serious genetic deficiencies from reproducing,
who would later become a bargain for the whole of society. A very different concept, but
finally we have to accept, by use, that meaning of the word, as a synonym for “global
Only by putting the common good before the private one, it is possible to make a Great
Nation, although the problems already transcend nationalities. However, a priority for
Ecologenia is to recover the Patriotic Values of each country. Human Natural Policy, which
we call ECOLOGENIA, is not an “ideology”, but True Political Science for the benefit of the
Human Being in harmony with Nature.
It should not be confused with Ecologeia, although it includes it in the highest ethical
and conceptual sense. These are the main points that define an Ecologenic Government,
but it should be noted that “People” and “Government” in ECOLOGENIA are only separated in the punctual doing of some individuals (Leaders and executives of the State), not in the protagonists, because it is The People who Govern through the Assemblies.
To understand the purpose of Ecologenia , it is necessary to analyze the various
aspects of the function of Government and understand the inextricable relationship between them, under a Logical and Natural Worldview very different from that of the market, finance, usury and stock exchange mechanisms. In extreme synthesis, from now on the people rule through the Assemblies, or the banks rule through the corrupt system of the partitocracy.


The Base of Natural Policy is ASSEMBLY and PARTICIPATORY, that is, absolutely
contrary to the worst political scourge of society, the so-called partitocracy, created some
centuries ago and founded on “ideologies”, created long before by global slavers to produce division, disorder , confrontation, and massive ignorance of the True Policy. Partitocracy is one of the most damaging instruments of world government initiated with Constantine in 326, creating the first private bank to take control of assets, people and nations. The four fundamental foundations of a society are Health, Education, Security and the Economy. The liberal and neoliberal systems, as well as their apparent opposite, communism, have proven to be blotches, aberrations that, on the one hand or the other, generate a permanent conflict between people and groups of them in the same social and family collective, poverty, submission, disinformation, impotence, hunger and war as a consequence of the whole set of absurdities faced.
Ecology is not an “ideology”, but the True Politics, the one that attends to the
common good above all else, ensures the highest good, security, evolution, transcendence and existential happiness of individuals, because it rightly prioritizes the good common over the individual. The relationship between each point derived from these four pillars of the Policy can be easily seen. The Assembly is a Government of the People and by the People, although there are leaders and leadership criteria. It is not anarchy, it has clear and simple mechanisms, but it is an organ that definitively replaces the legislative power of the partitocracies. There is no “political caste”, although a leader can remain in power at the will of his people as long as he decides, through elections in the voting Assembly and plebiscitary (endorsed by all the people in direct election).
This allows the Nation to have a leader the mass wishes to keep at the forefront
as long as there are no reasons for their replacement, being able to complete any plan that the Assembly has initiated. At the same time, avoid the intrusions, discords and infiltrations that slavers promote by taking advantage of the changes. Would you change Captain on a ship and put any inoperative in his place to be “democratic”? The terms of four or five years of presidency in the “democratic world” or the impediment of being re-elected are only one way of the preventing peoples from keeping their best leaders at the forefront. And if there are few trained to lead a ship, much less are there to run a country.
Ecologyia is a worldview objective, logical and simple, the True Policy, the Natural
Policy of the Human Being, is not an “ideology”, its base is scientific, ecological, intelligent in defense and protection of the Human Kingdom, but in harmony with the Animal, vegetable and mineral nature of the world. Its existence dates back to the most remote antiquity and it has existed in Baalbek, Egypt, Greece, Rome and the pre-Columbian American Empires. It is still practiced in America, Africa and Australia by some small aboriginal communities. Its extrapolation to a technically advanced community implies, with its educational and justice principles, a level of Transcendence and Freedom of the Human Being that has not existed for almost two millennia in Europe and five centuries in America. In any country, the values of THE HOMELAND represent the COMMON GOOD, so that patriotism correctly understood must stop believing itself an “expired thing” as millions of young people around the world have been made to think. Only those who love and their respect Homeland are prepared to respect that of other nations.
At the end of “partisanship,” what each citizen must defend at any time is recovered part
of the world: His Homeland is the maximum, and all other flags within it, must remain at a
lower level. The only legal “party” that is worked and fought for is “MY COUNTRY.” Any
Other difference in criteria is resolved in the Local Assembly, in the Provincial Assembly and if it is important, each proposal will go to the National Assembly.


(To be endorsed, planned and executed by the National Assembly)


1.1) Alternative Therapies have been scientifically validated, developing plans for their
national application. Medicine must be free and cannot be in the hands of transnational
economic interests. There is abundant scientific knowledge for the prevention and treatment of almost all diseases in an autonomous way, that is, through technical, scientific, medical and auxiliary personnel in the country, without depending on foreign laboratories. Natural medicines, homeopathy and other therapies of proven efficacy, will take precedence over industrial pharmacopoeia. Jungian psychology and its advances (such as biodecoding) will be priority and inexorable subjects in all of medicine.

1.2) Sexuality. Homosexuality is respected. Its political use is not allowed. Science-based
sexuality education maintains the level of homosexuality in natural historical scales, which
do not exceed 0.01% of the population. Diet free of unnatural chemicals and hormonal
aggregates is consistent with this purpose. The “gender ideology” must be absolutely
abolished and the people affected must be treated as mentally ill. The feminism and
machismo campaigns, which seek to confront the sexes as enemies, must be considered as subversive, since in Ecologenia , mistreatment does not have sex, rape and abuseer, and there are more than enough laws for such cases. Still, it is education that produces deep solutions. Pornography will not be censored but the population will be educated about its effects, and kept in the appropriate places, out of the reach of minors. Pornographic media connections will be restricted and nudism in appropriate areas will be released as an educational measure. Pornography has as a deep cause in psychology, the morbid prohibition to see the human nude.

1.3) Agrochemicals.Recovery of natural agrochemicals and others not harmful to health and the environment, prohibition of dangerous organic agrochemicals. There is an infinite variety of agrochemicals and natural fertilizers that do not involve risks and have been hidden in education and bibliography for many decades. There are also biodynamic farming techniques that make the use of most agrochemicals unnecessary.

1.4) Transgenic. Absolute prohibition of transgenic seeds and all risk factors in agriculture,
livestock and food. Creation of seed banks and recovery of seeds to have abundance of
non-hybrids. Prohibition of chemical feeding in animal husbandry for consumption. Promotion of veganism and vegetarianism, without fanaticism or imposition.

1.5) Chemtrails. Absolute prohibition of aerial spraying (chemical trails), except those
necessary not harmful to agriculture and Nature, to break stone storms or produce rain in
case of drought. Always with full information on components and actions to the population
and without the participation of any company or foreign government.

1.6) Drugs: No drug prohibition has decreased consumption, but instead generates illegal
businesses, which are fought on the one hand and are stimulated by the increase in price,
for the benefit of the mafias. The release of the restrictions but with a quality control,
together with a school and media education, is the only thing that can end the deaman
drug trafficking.

1.7) Hospital Service: Hospitalization for the treatment of all ailments must be until free full
recovery, without loss of salary for the patient. Private medicine has no place in Ecologenia Doctors cannot profit from health, but serve it. Vocational guidance will give rise to true doctors and nurses, as well as a decrease to a minimum of the “sick” due to the psychological need to not work in what corresponds to us or what they do not like.


2.1) Secular and Political Education: Recovery of coherent, secular and free traditional
education at all levels. Religious education will be within the home and places of each cult,
not imposed or subsidized by the State. The participatory political teaching of the Assembly system will prevent future generations from being deceived again by extreme ideologies and the partisan systems created by world banking. Political Ethics will be a subject from the elementary school, to form conscious, critical people, invulnerable to the massive deceits that the current civilization suffers. The educational plan must train Free, Ethical, Solidarity and Healthy People, not employees of economic interests.

2.2) Psychological education at all levels: Mental and emotional training under ethical and ethical
deontological principles, generates much healthier adolescents, adults better prepared for
any circumstance, existentially happy and free from the defects imposed by the market.
Furthermore, advertising of gambling is strictly prohibited, just as tobacco advertising has
been banned almost everywhere in the world. The Assemblies may determine the prohibition or moderation of the use of sex as an advertising factor in any medium.

2.3) Vocational Guidance: No person should work in something that they do not like and the Vocation can be found at any age but the playful method must be applied to discover each one during childhood. The educational system must be oriented in such a way that each person feels fully happy in their work. This is one of the points most violated on purpose by slavery, which requires pauperization and existential unhappiness to subdue people.

2.4) Arts and Folklore: Art has norms, guidelines, developed and preserved since the most
remote antiquity, according to Nature. The destruction of natural concepts and their
formulas, as well as the denial and destruction of the folklore of the Peoples, is done to
confuse and subdue the minds, emotions and Soul of the people. The People who lose their folklore lose the best part of their Group Spirit, their identity, the factors that most unite people.

2.5) Critical Spirit: The “unique thought” induced by international slavery, contradicts the
campaigns they make to generate political dissent. That is to say that for the degeneration of values, a single thought is made but to maintain discord different “political ideologies” made. This in Ecologenia is reversed. Everyone’s analysis and critical spirit are encouraged, but in politics there is a “unique thought” that only the common good guarantees the individual good, and the intelligent application of the Political Administration, directed and controlled by the Assemblies, is for the People. That is the true Republic.

2.6) Racial Affairs and Gender: The fact of hatreding aversion or promotion
between races or diverse cultural groups, etc. is considered criminal. The racial issue will
only be investigated in anthropology, genetics and medicine so that it’s strictly verified
knowledge will serve all human beings, regardless of their racial or cultural ancestry.
Regarding the aberration of “gender ideology”, any person who manifests aberrations of
Any order regarding gender will be treated as dangerously mentally ill. Homosexuality is not included in this item, but the political use of homosexual groups or their public
demonstrations that may influence minors is not allowed.


3.1) Justice: Free and expeditious as soon as possible. Slow justice is a form of injustice.
The Judiciary will be not only independent from the Executive, but also democratically
elected among the best candidates according to contest, curricular value and opposition.

3.2) “Private security” is not allowed. The Police and Armed Forces spare to provide internal security. Without misery, without poverty or social injustice, crime is reduced to emotional factors against which the population has also been educated.

3.3) Journalism Laws: The supposed “freedom of the press” is not allowed, in which only the owners of the media can express themselves or allow thees to be expressed
according to their interests. The media become governed by the laws issued by the National Assembly. The true freedom of expression in politics, is that anyone can express themselves at the level of the Assembly that corresponds to them, participating in political improvements regardless of their point of view, but not generating confrontations. The journalistic lie is punished much more harshly than that of an individual, because the journalistic lie damages humanity. Any journalist will be able to publish what they want, with the only condition that it be true. The main means of communication must be of the State, that is to say of the People, not of economic, religious or address interest.

3.4) Immigration: Illegal immigration will be drastically fought. Illegal immigrants of any
condition will have “human rights”, such as emerging food, health care, etc., but immediately recovered, they will be returned to their countries of origin and at an economic cost to those countries. No illegally entered foreigner will have legal access to the country for the next ten years, under any circumstances. In the case of request exiles for political reasons, it will be the National Assembly and the Judiciary that will decide in each case, particularly the measures to be taken.

3.5) Armed Forces: Only native people may access the Armed Forces. Whether or not the
Compulsory Military Service is recovered will be determined by the People itself through the Assembly, but in no way will mercenaries – let alone foreigners – be the ones who must
protect the Homeland and the citizens. Who is not prepared to fight until the sacrifice for his Homeland, does not deserve any of its benefits. On this depends the freedom, security, health and transcendence of the descendants. If the Homeland is not defended, the destiny of the children, of the grandchildren, of everything that any healthy person loves is delivered.

3.6) The Homeland and its symbols are the maximum value of union between all the
individuals and the social groups that constitute a Nation. These have been induced as
“obsolete” in the popular mindset in many countries, to be replaced by the party, address and minority flags used to demonstrate against honest governments. Ecologenia is Patriotic, completely opposed to the so-called New World Order. If a World Government is then made, it will be Ecologenic, made up of Sovereign countries and not “banking” or single-minded, “transgenic”, or degenerate.


4.1) As the towns began to be indebted by clever slave maneuvers, humanity came to be at the service of the economy. In Ecology it is the economy that must, as a mere technical
instrument, be at the service of people, of people around the world. For this reason, the
Nationalization of banking and the prohibition of usury become essential and inexorable.
Money is a service, not a “commercial product.” It is for the moment a necessity, like a drug in the social body, created in the 3rd century by Constantine, with the first private bank. With his invention, the Solidarity and Distributive Economy of the Roman Empire was destroyed, whose history has been totally false in the press, literature, education and cinema. While it is necessary to continue using money, the State, that is to say the People, is the owner of the money, not the bankers. The administrative staff of the banks will occupy similar positions as necessary, but efforts will be made to reorient them vocationally. The Econogenia is not a partial fix of the economy or a patch, but a total change, a fundamental solution, not merely. Speculation is suppressed, the agio, and without usury the Work Value prevails, even over gold or any other material value. This does not prevent the most deserving and creative from being “richer”, but it prevents the worker from being poor. The external debt must be reviewed, audited and transferred to the individuals who contracted it behind the People’s back.

4.2) Autarchy and Capital. Autarchy (economic, industrial and raw material independence) is achieved by prohibiting foreign investment and developing own technologies and resources. Only technology will be bought or imported, or – momentarily – inputs that are not yet manufactured in the country. The Ecological system does not require large capital to carry out large works. The organization of the Econogenic system is sufficient to produce Autarchy. It is not necessary “to distribute the existing wealth”, but to create wealth for all and that is not utopian as the slavers make it believe, whose plans of world domination require poverty, ignorance and the distortion of all the values of society.

4.3) Renewable energies. Solar, vertical axis wind, electromagnetic and other non-polluting forms. Technology exists so that energy is abundant and free. The slave system promotes dependence on a network, but in Ecology the State promotes regional energy independence and even of each house when technically possible.

4.4) Food is the most delicate part of the economy and is related to Health. The State must provide a free basic family food basket, which represents security for citizens in all areas. The diversity of products, in food as in any other item, will come from the abundance in creative and selective production, not conditioned by taxes (see next point).

4.5) Taxes and money: The State must create a National Currency not conditioned by
international treaties, alleged previous debts, or values other than Working Time. Under
These conditions, it does not make sense to apply taxes, since the money is produced by the State to the extent necessary and will only serve in a first stage, until the social group fully understands the result of the Distributive and Solidarity Economy, totally opposed to the selfish and slave economy of the market system. The market as it exists today, will only be the way of relationship with other nations. In Ecologenia private property is real, so no one has to pay tribute for their real estate or vehicles. Therefore, all property transfer taxes are inherited by inheritance or sale. Under the same concept, the abusive urban planning regulations that prevent owners from building their houses according to their tastes and needs are relaxed. Said norms will only attend to ecological and safety issues, not aesthetics, unless the Local Assemblies determine some aesthetic issue by consensus in tourist sites, which in any case will not be imposed by law. Vehicles will stop paying taxes and ITV will remain mandatory, but ITV as a private company is abolished, leaving the cost of inspections only for the maintenance of employees and facilities. This cost will not exceed 5% of the current cost. Road taxes and tolls are abolished. Strategic infrastructures, roads, railways and public transport are a service that the State must create, build and maintain, because they are the veins of an active National body. The State will grant credits to any applicant after quickly studying their need or project. Interest is zero and missed deadlines will require investigation to solve problems, not to put pressure on the affected party. In the company or industry, with the same objective, the Assemblies will have the experts who ruled the viability of the credit to correct things. These are Technical Resolution Councils, so there is no business or commercial failure and even less unhappiness and personal dramas for these reasons that the State must attend as guarantor of the labor, economic and productive order.

4.6) Scheduled Obsolescence: Any industrial process of scheduled obsolescence is
prohibited. An untreated linen or cotton fabric can last many decades. A car without
programmed obsolescence can average five million kilometers without specifying the shop, as Ford cars from before World War II demonstrated. Any product without this scourge can be exported with great advantage over others.

4.7) Nationalization of Resources: All natural resources, whether strategic or not, must be
exploited by national companies with strict State surveillance. No natural resource should be exploited by foreign companies.

4.8) Housing: Something as essential as decent housing is a monstrous lack in many
countries, even common in the most “developed” ones. Nor is it logical or natural to live “for rent” as a habitual residence. Homeowners for rental must receive adequate compensation, but their homes will become the tenants, with fair credits and without interest. You can only have more properties than those of use, as a tourist company. This activity does not pay taxes either, so that no real estate trader or speculator has to suffer for the transformation of the Nation to the Ecologenic system. Join us to make Ecologenia a reality, because your own life, your assets and the future of your children, your grandchildren, your relatives, neighbors and compatriots, the destiny of the entire world, are at stake because the enemy of all people wants dominance of absolute the entire Earth. A better world is only possible with these few and clear guidelines, but requires the participation of all.
It is time to create Ecologenist Parties in each country. It represents a paradox, because
then the partitocracy will be extinguished, but for the moment you have to stick to the
existing laws. As these parties gain ground, elections and power, it will simply be the real
and manifest Popular Will, which will determine the extinction of the decadent party system, modifying the constitutions of the countries.

Spain and Italy are immobilized by order of their governments. Bars, museums, beaches are closed and are invited to stay home for weeks or months. The same goes in many other countries. This action has not been followed in England, but this seems to be a PULSE, a media form of World War III, among a strong group of World Governments against the enemy of all peoples, that is, against SLAVERY and its financial weapons and media. THERE ARE NO CORONAVIRUSES. Or at least not in the way that they want to strain us. The contradictions are blatant in all the corrupt media and institutions. World Slavery and its conscious minions or not, are testing their power, which they are about to lose if the FINANCIAL RESET is finally carried out, which seems to be underway. In any case, this Financial Reset may be true, or it may be just another “Redemptorist” move by the same tyrants who govern governments through money, intelligence services and high-tech equipment. So we can not wait for any heroic government to do it. If it is real, we will see, but even so, now is when the sum of personal actions demonstrate must the WILL OF FREEDOM of all peoples. Otherwise we will only have changed owners. That is why it is necessary to spread these messages through all the media and contacts.
The coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is a very carefully staged, but hastily executed,
farce. Things such as aerial spraying (chemtrails), or mortality for other reasons and
especially diseases have stopped talking. These are global data averaged from 2016 to
COMMON FLU: 300,000 deaths annually. (BUT: DISCOVERED OVER 2109 OF
COMMON SEASONAL FLU, without coronavirus nor any unusual “pandemic”: 4,000,000 infected with an approximate 520,000 deaths)
DENGUE: 260,000 deaths annually.
MALARIA: 500,000 deaths annually.
TUBERCULOSIS: 1,750,000 deaths annually.
ETIOLOGY INFECTION CONTAGIOUS UNKNOWN: More than two million annually.
GENERAL DEATHS: 155,520 deaths daily, that is to say 56,764,800 annually.
Suddenly nothing is said about that, but the problem is much more serious than a simple
virus less dangerous than that of the common flu (which, like all viruses, has not been
isolated or photographed). It is an economic, political, power games, social engineering and crowd control problem. The peoples of the world can contribute to winning this war against the criminals who are trying to subdue us in a more extreme way than usual. In principle, it is necessary to study and contrast this information, understand it and then disseminate it as much as possible.
For the first time in known history, a global quarentine is being implemented (at least
partially), under the crude but effective pretext of a major pandemic that must be tackled. In the biological strictly sense, a repetition of the terrorist campaigns for influenza A, mad cows, swine flu and others that had even less impact.

Remember the media terrorism of swine flu and avian flu
But politically, a campaign to paralyze the economy and the normal life of the countries,
Which includes the impossibility of traveling and practically a global house arrest. In fact, as we explain here part by part, the realization of World War III, of which we know only two
sides well: The peoples of the world and the global financial synarchy that wants to
7,000 million people in order to maintain what they consider their “human flock” at manageable levels.
There is a third front of real existence as an enemy of that synarchy and ally of the peoples, but we do not know its real activity, which has been carried out in secret until now and we hardly know that it is made up of about fifty governments, fifty strong countries that, although there are infiltrated in their governments, as there are in corrupt governments, as there are in corrupt governments, as there are in corrupt governments, as there are in corrupt governments , it would be working to free humanity from the yoke of false debts, usury and all that slavery that we suffer, although in many places it is not too remarkable thanks to media entertainment and a quality of life that good seems, just because it is better than that of the poorest. That “better quality of life”, which implies having fifty medications on the nightstand or the medicine cabinet, instead of real health …
It becomes evident that there is a global factual power, that which no country has chosen
“democratically,” which directs most of our lives directly or indirectly, that subjects
governments and citizens to constant, increasing debt inexorable and irremediable. There is a power in the shadows and those who say that is “conspiranoia”, are mere employees of that power, more or less aware of it, many totally unconscious, and you have to be very
mentally deficient or totally uninformed by now, to believe that such power does not exist.
The “external debt” of all countries is only a tiny percentage of real debt with other States.
More than 98% of the mass of debt is against a single world organization (world banks) that exercises power through a few large international private banks and a Machiavellian
institution called the WMF (World Monetary Fund). The debts are contracted in the name of the States, by corrupt people from all over the world, who act Ministers of the Economy, or supposed democratic party parties or even frightening tyrants put to the finger by means of intelligence operations for this synarchy of financial powers, as is the case Bolivian Jeanine Añez (in spanish)

Let’s look at the problem in parts.


The smallest bacteria are 1 to 2 ‘m (one micron or micron, which is one thousandth of a
millimeter). They can be seen with light microscopes. But the biggest viruses are a thousand times smaller than the smallest bacteria, so they CANNOT BE SEEN WITH OPTICAL MICROSCOPES. There are everywhere, from books to the Internet, different images of the same virus. But no image sequence matches, proving that there is not a single real sequence. Investigating thoroughly, we discovered that there is no original author of the images as photos, not even as infographics. But the fact is that yes, viruses could be photographed , but there are no photographs, but models created with computers.

Photos of viruses can only be taken with scanning electron microscopes, but in the few
supposedly serious images, piles appear, practically isolated from the medium. Finally,
scientists recognize that what they do are computer models, something “approximate”, that is, THEORETICAL, not real.

So we discovered that everything related to viruses is a LIE on the part of those pseudoscientific institutions serving the pharmacopoeia, because even when they are so small, the supposed viruses are between 20 and 450 nanometers (a nanometer is a millionth of a millimeter ). BUT… SANSUNG makes SEVEN nanometer diameter of components of microchips. That is, about three times smaller than the smallest virus. How do you explain that there are no real photographs of the viruses? We searched in about twenty languages, without finding any authentic photo clues. And quantum models are made of particles millions of times smaller than an electron. So not having correctly isolated a virus is like saying that “we could not find the elephant hiding behind the stems of the daisies.”
So it is with the non-EXISTING AIDS VIRUS (spanish text, you can translate online) and also this other link or as has been shown in 2011, the non-EXISTING measles virus. No less than the German Supreme Court agreed with the scientist Stefan Lanka on this matter, which in reality is strong evidence not only about measles or AIDS, but about the very non-existence of viruses as such.


Viruses were “discovered” by microbiologist Dimitri Ivanovski in 1892, but he never gave
them a life of their own, but rather as granule metrically too small toxins , so they could pass through certain porcelain dust filters that bacteria do not pass through. A perspective view makes us understand that we have been under a media terrorism generated by the
pharmaceutical mafias for more than a century so that for fear of those creatures that we
cannot see even under a microscope, we allow ourselves to be vaccinated. We talk about
billions of dollars every year in any country, astronomical figures worldwide. The scientific
truthed by us thanks to a few dozen researchers in biology, microbiology,
microscopy and epidemiology, is that the so-called “viruses” are only scattered gene
material resulting from the lysate (death) of bacteria and cells. Some molecular chains may seem somewhat active because they move to the electromagnetic surrounding fields (of the nervous system and the whole body) or due to the currents of bodily fluids, but they do not have a life of their own, they do not have metabolism, a set cannot be found of viruses, which can be identified as something active and capable of producing nothing on other organisms. Simply, gene waste from which two identical images will not be taken, which cannot have the same action, nor is there a specific genome. In summary, viruses are an invention of the early twentieth century very convenient to the international pharmacopoeia. Their “vaccines” were designed to earn large sums of money and after World War II they became part of an agenda for world population control, making their content much more complex, as can be seen here:



The psychological part is really the most difficult thing to foresee and to fix, because it does not depend on a government measure, nor on the criminals against humanity who run the world from financial speculation do or fail to do so. That depends on a formidable algebraic sum of WILLS, your will to influence your social environment and then the wills that can join your leadership, or that you find a leader to support and activatey eleven and for all, that is the ASSEMBLY DEMOCRACY, in absolute replacement of the false democracy of the PARTIES AT THE SERVICE OF THE FINANCIAL INTERESTS and of the world Far-Mafia. A bit of very concrete history, from 2010, in the voice of one of the bravest journalists in Spain, Iñaki Gabilondo

But you can see this very important video in english:


There are thousands or hundreds of thousands of videos like this one that explains these
things and raise awareness, if you search for “coronavirus farce” in various languages.

Everyone can do something, even though governments complicit in crimes against humanity try to keep us isolated, that we do not meet, not to see a concert or attend a course … Nothing, just stay locked up at home, waiting for you to Come vaccinate, apart from leaving the ground open for a Third World War between the countries most subjected to Zionism (USA and Europe) and the Russia-China block. with many allies in Africa and Latin America.
And there, on the subject of vaccination is the most terrible thing of all at the individual level, but beware: At least three companies have said that they had already planned the
appearance of Covid-19, so they had begun to develop the corresponding vaccines.
Vaccines for a virus that was supposedly created under strict military secrecy in China, and which is actually being shown that even that is not true, as there are Chinese versions from multiple sources, some reliable very, that photos and videos and all death in Wuhan is a media creation, that is to say a bad movie, totally false. And that is one of the reasons for the measures they took against the population, to prevent the circus from being dismantled, just as the super hospital supposedly built in six days has already been dismantled … I don’t know why it resonates with creating something in six days. . We will update this same page. See more important things on the biological topic IN THIS LINK

Things have gone wrong for the global financial synarchy for many decades. In 1960 they
devised the “Agenda 2000” which consisted of leaving only 500 million people worldwide
alive and under extreme control. At that time the population was barely over 6 billion, so the goal was to kill 5.5 billion. Today they would be more than 7000 million. But many
well-known and unknown leaders emerged, creating the Internet, mobile phone, and satellite architecture that enabled global interaction for all people, with cheap, reliable, and fast communication. They could not fulfill their monstrous agenda, because to do so they
previously needed to create a state of obscurantism equal to or worse than that of the Middle Ages … but they haven’t stopped trying. While all this false pandemic pantomime is being done, there is no mention of what they have also been trying since those years: chemtrails, of which you can see something in this link .
Also in thousands of others, in different languages, but we put them because it seems that
many people have never looked at the sky, or without the slightest knowledge of elementary physics, they believe the official information that they are “steam trails”.

And here is an analysis report on our falls as the plane passes, with extremely dangerous
bacteria, sprayed with these contrails, on the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid, Spain
Now they are taking measures of STATE OF SITE, or TOUCH OF 24 HS, in Italy, Spain and we do not know in what other countries, but despite the brutal insistence of the mass
disinformation media, that is, the written press, Radio and especially television, people are
reacting within a few days, in a way that does not end up being consistent as governments
expected. There are no formal and obvious rebellions, running on the streets, because they have allowed the supply of products and some activities such as hairdressing … An
incoherent aberration, if that is the case. But the inconsistencies are many and it is
foreseeable that the reaction of the society, despite its great television idiotization, will not
allow things to be kept in this situation of almost house arrest for as many days as it is
supposed until now. We wrote this on March 15, 2020 and we can be wrong, but there are
many incoherent details that make us foresee that they are getting shot in the butt. Among
them, the fact that the videos, books and these same dissident websites against globalist
slavery, are seen much more, the more time people have in their homes. In other words,
social networks, saturated by the same theme, make many people wake up from the dream of false democracy. In other words: There are not so many lackeys and media who are minions of the system, as there are conscious people who today have the possibility of
Making videos and posting them on the networks. Similarly, there are not so many police
and military lackeys of globalist slavery to arrest all the people who will begin to abandon
their absurd house arrest under the pretext of a virus that does not even exist.
In this section we will be posting videos of Gabriel Silva, and others that we consider
adequate for Ecology and the waking of the worldwide conscience of Humanity. You will not find “water and sugar” here, mystical scrolls, extra cosmic nonsense, nor the
redemptorists that the slave synarchy entertains masses. (spanish)


In this section we will be putting videos, texts, links and everything we are receiving
that we can contrast in reality and seriousness. Some videos or websites may have
been online for years without having been taken into account, but specific research
leads us to see things that allow us to put together the situation picture and find
Solutions. The order of placement will be the most recent above, but it is worth going
to see what is left below.
March 18, 2020 – 6:00 p.m.
without coronavirus or any unusual “pandemic”: 4,000,000 infected with an approximate
520, 000 deaths.
March 18, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.
cMarch 16, 2020 – 6:00 p.m.
The set of messages exchanged by Ecologenists in various countries, gives an average tie over the extremes. Half believe that the expected “reset” is a montage produced by the
same power synarchy, to liquefy an infinite number of situations that hinder them, as well as clear the stock market scenario, already unsustainable from the most elementary arithmetic.
In other words, such resetting is to go unpunished for its obvious crimes against the world
economy and therefore against populations. It also would serve to impose the virtual
abolishing the money of the countries, the national currencies, the cash (on the
pretext that it is contagious). But approximately half of those consulted believe in the possibility that it is actually organized by a group of humanitarian governments, ready to dissolve the heads of financial power that hold all governments and peoples under control.
The case is that whatever the truth on this matter, the coronavirus is the smokescreen, as
well as a social engineering experiment, to probe how far the population believes the farce, how far the police and military commanders respond. , to what extent the ignorance of doctors and health professionals on this subject allows them to deceive the population and subject it to a perpetual curfew. We do not rule out that compulsory vaccination be
attempted, in view of which we would have to assert our right to life in an extreme way, that is, defending ourselves as if they wanted to put a bullet in us. Because what they can do with vaccines is worse than death. In other words, whatever they do, there is a “good reset”, a “bad reset” or even if things seem to “return to normal”, there will no longer be such normality, so it is essential that each citizen educate his environment, family, friends, the neighborhood, in ECOLOGY. That Assemblies be formed, so that the Assembly System, which is the True Human Natural Policy, is put into operation. There is no other way to unseat the slavers who have been preparing for world control of Humanity for 17 centuries.
March 16, 2020 – 4:00 p.m. (engrlish subtitles)

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