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    In politics there is no simpler, natural, effective, real and healthier worldview than Ecologenia's, because it is not an "ideology", but the concrete application of the concepts of politics such as Science, even if it is very simple and easy for anyone to understand. Apart from discussions on any historical, esoteric matter or whether the Earth is hollow, solid, flat, round or square, or whether the Universe is an illusion or something concrete, and regardless of any scientific or philosophical discussion on any subject, the Ecologenic Cosmovision has these absolute guidelines and priorities:

  1. THE COMMON GOOD ON THE INDIVIDUAL: Only the Common Good guarantees the individual good, the common benefit prioritized in all fields, so that all people find well-being, existential happiness and the sense of Transcendence. Any other technical or scientific discussion should only ensure that that fate becomes a reality. Minority groups are part of the whole, however much more differences they can manifest, so that this "common good" includes, protects them and serves them for their Transcendence. This "common good" prioritized also takes into account aberrant groups (criminals, paedophiles, slaves, criminals of any nature, etc.), for their social re-insertion when possible, or their isolation in the best conditions when necessary, and in cases, extremes, according to their reactions, are fought. (see point 3)
  2.  SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY: Spirituality without science is the cause of countless aberrations, fanaticism, struggles for beliefs without real foundation, etc., and science without spirituality is the cause of other, even worse aberrations, because it involves the use of advanced technical knowledge, without ethics or respect for Life. In both cases the Divinity is far from its human physical manifestations. Both, Science and Spirit, find their perfect connection and full understanding in Metaphysical Science, already put at the service of Humanity by the same author of Ecologenia. In this Great Knowledge it is possible to understand the Divinity in any way conceived by the Faith, therefore it is not contradictory or opposed to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and any lofty concept of God. Even the atheist finds in Metaphysics the clear foundation for ethics. As for religiosity, Freedom of Worship is contemplated only by two regulations of strict application:
      a) That under no religious pretext the Constitution or any Law established in the Civil and Criminal Codes is violated.
      b) May the god, gods or entities worshipn, not be superior to their counterparts of other confessions.  In these videos specially prepared for metaphysicists but not exclusive, this aspect of Ecologenia can be better understood. 
  3. WAR AND PEACE: Ecology loves peace, but she is only possible when Freedom reigns, as an inexorable daughter of Dignity and Loyalty. Pacifism is a current sponsored by slaveholders of all times, so that peoples may become meek, unable to react and therefore easy to subdue. Therefore, in the Ecologenist Cosmovision this attitude of meekness is considered contrary to the values that Ecologenia holds. Those who are unwilling to fight life and death for their Freedom, for Justice, Abundance and all the benefits that the Fatherland provides, as the greater entity of a society, does not deserve any of these benefits. Slavers have always provoked all kinds of wars, but not between themselves against other peoples (except for a few historical and more or less modern exceptions). The wars that have sponsored have been for the manipulation of two or more peoples and nations, envied them, creating false flag attacks and infiltrating corrupt diplomats and other political arguments, while in the private part of the economy generate greed in the business leaders who can benefit from the clashes and destruction of cities, people and entire countries that must then be rebuilt. So in the creation of Ecologenic states there may be attempts to induce them to war. It will be avoided as much as possible, but slavers will not be allowed to continue subduing the people, because in such a case, it still ends up in absurd war with other countries, in civil war or situations of misery and pauperization in all orders, worse than a war. The easiest way to generate definitive protection is to arm the people, educating them for their defense even in the last corner of the nation. This is why some small nations that have suffered attempts at invasion have been able to repel any attack.
  4. THE ECOLOGENIC ECONOMY: It is not complex, anyone can understand all or almost everything of the Natural Economy that we call Econogenia. It is totally opposed to the economy of finance and the market, because it is complex, created on the basis of selfishness, to the individual good on the common good, turning men into eager scavengers, usurers, selfish, exploitative, fearful of losing the cattle, either working as a slave or subduing others. This financial economy is riddled with contradictions, sustained by changing laws according to the convenience of global manipulators and partly to the momentary expediency of those who exercise it. Just look at the demeaning spectacle of stock exchanges and their dynamics, to find a hominid species in which the participants become at times: The "Homo mercatoris", who shouts, despairs, fights with gestures and a great intelligence wasted on an activity that some are given some profit and others are bankrupt, but at the end of the day , leads to poverty in countries around the world. This labor collective has the highest suicide rate in the world. But in the Ecologenic Cosmovision all this aberration is replaced by the Labour Value over any other, becoming the Economy, a mere simplified technical instrument in the DISTRIBUTION of goods and services. An Economy at the service of peoples, not at the service of the economy. In slave society there is almost no country where children are born "debt-free" because a group of slave henchmen has generated unpayable "external debts". Just as a company can declare itself in "financial bankruptcy," so must the Nations to get out of economic traps.
  5. ECOLOGENIC PSYCHOLOGY: A town that doesn't have to worry about "getting to the end of the month," or whether you'll have money to go to the doctor, or educate your children, or if you can have your home, or pay rent, or worry about "selling your product" for entrepreneurs and producers, the psychological burdens that stress produces, , which is the cause of most diseases in the modern world, disappear, there is no more. It is estimated that more than twenty percent of marriage breakdowns are due to the impossibility of maintaining a healthy relationship in an economically depressed environment, but in the rest of the cases there is also that problem as one of the factors of destruction of the family. Apart from the massive psychological corrections derived from a healthy political and social way of life, Ecologenia proposes a personal work on psychology, which can be done regardless of whether it is lived in an Ecologenic State or any other place and time. This book is recommended, by the same author as the Ecologenia. As he claims, most diseases are not physically, but mentally and/or psychologically. 
  6. HEALTH, EDUCATION, SAFETY AND JUSTICE: These four pillars of state obligation cannot be deprived in any scope, level or place of a nation. They have to be absolutely free, functional and decisive, without any individual or company being able to exercise without state control. Everything else may be contingent on the money that each earns honestly with his work, but these four factors must be available to each and every citizen, without exception. Health in Ecology includes all forms of therapy that prove to be effective, even as an alternative to allopathy, but no pharmacopoeia can be measured in Ecology without strict state control. It is intended for laboratories to be also state-owned, in order to ensure the quality and guarantees that many medicines on the market lack. Among the most recommended therapy systems in Ecology is Germanic Medicine, the use of medicines such as MMS, and others that, being extremely economical, are dented by the pharmacopoeia of the market and some doctors, who consciously or unconsciously, work for it. Also effective therapies such as pyramidology and biodecoding are developed by environmentalists.
  7. ENERGY: There are countless devices invented by illusory authors, great technically but totally ignorant of market policy, who claim to patent and market what is not in the interest of slave interests… Or he rather said, "they're interested in not…" So they end up closing their mouths with a good amount of money, or with a few grams of lead. In the Ecologist Cosmovision energy cannot be "owned" by anyone, but of all, and green light must be given to any invention or discovery that benefits society in terms of energy freedom and environmental benefit. Savonius vertical shaft mills, permanent magnet or magnetic induction motors in coils, photovoltaic systems, hydro-gravitational use, M.E.G., etc. 
  8. THE VITAL SPACE AND ECOLOGY: The world's most dangerous criminals are trying to reduce the world's population to the force of wars, a medicine that more than cure, sick; by artificially creating viruses, sprayed with chemical stices containing infectious bacteria, the development of weapons such as HAARP and the pretext with which they convince authorities, diplomats, scientists, airplane pilots, military and people from various fields, is that "there are no more people in the world". This is absolutely false. The living space of some countries may be somewhat "adjusted", but the solution is not to kill 15 out of 16 inhabitants of the planet. On the one hand there is the undeniably viable possibility of occupying and making the nine tenths of the abandoned (desert) or semi-abandoned continental area fertile. Earth has about 135,100,o00 km2 of continental area, but less than 17 million km2 are inhabited. That is, less than 8%. The abundance of current technical resources would make possible an infinite variety of means to make the rest of the world habitable and productive. If we stick only to the adequacy of living in houses, not in huge buildings, let's say "in rural and semi-rural mode", some eighty billion people would already fit in the world. We barely touch ten percent of the inhabitants that the world can sustain in optimal conditions. Moreover, the Ecologist Cosmovision does not exclude the criterion of reproductive selectivity, which must be carried out through education and development of consciousness, not through force of laws as China did long ago. This will allow those with genetic diseases, psychological taras and much more to refrain from reproducing. At some point it will certainly be necessary to have more intense eugenic control, but it must also be derived from a mass education, from a clear collective awareness of "how many of us fit in the world". That's still over eighty years away. But we don't have that much time to counter the global massacre that has already set in motion by the global financial leadership, so that we don't have to distribute its power.