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ECOLOGENIA Natural Policy ®

Gabriel Silva
Fifth edition. Product ID ( 24425576

Three books in one: Ecologenia (Global Emergency Policy), Econogenia (Ecology Economy) and Assembly Constitution in corrected and improved edition.

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            There is a true politics, as natural as the world, the product of true Human Nature, that allowed the development of countless civilizations and which was applied for very long periods in the history of Humanity, because it is logical, benign in everything that makes an Intelligent Being. It is a very simple “cosmovision”, nothing rocky, that anyone can understand as soon as he dives a little into the visualization of the kind of society and world of which he would like to be a part. To understand it it is necessary to understand the global reality, integral, and at the same time the small details that make politics visible in the media, a mockery of Human Intelligence. The World Ecology Movement is made up of courageous and determined people, determined in the destiny of raising consciousness, freeing them from deception and pointing them to the way to the rescue of civilization, which is not complicated when the human mass is educated in true Political Science and becomes truly Human. Perhaps a single sentence, a master key of few words, is enough for readers to begin to understand, and to be the guide to the whole learning process: “Only by giving preeminence to the common good ensures the individual good.” This does not make us bees or ants, but solidarity, altruistic, respectful and exemplary servants, because we are “thinking”.

      This volume contains the three basic books of global policy aimed at guiding the change that humanity demands: “Ecologenia, Global Emergency Policy”, “Econogenia (Ecology Economy)” and the “Assembly Constitution”, as a guide to a Great Change, in which Readers can begin to participate NOW. Some parts have been enriched with practical details and the usefulness of this book will only depend on the sincerity and will of the new leaders who are instructed with this writing. Some apparent utopias can be seen in their feasibility by following the steps indicated here.

     The vast majority of political reaction groups that are supposed to be “outraged” at the system of global economic, financial and media slavery have been infiltrated and manipulated – and in some cases created – by agents serving global ruling powers. The content of this book must serve the true indignants, to cease to be so and become determined, that is to say true policymakers that most of humanity deserves or believes to deserve, but that in reality everyone desires and does not see the way to develop it and end economic slavery, economic misery , wars and the perversion of values.

    Repetition of concepts has been avoided as much as possible, but some that are repeated, are not as much as it should be, since these books are not only intended to guide new leaders in the practical field, but also to open the consciousness of the masses to contribute with their thrust and vitality, to concrete what they , in each country, the Ecologist direction is determined. This direction requires – if a real change in political paradigm is desired – of the conscious participation of the multitude, not of mere expectation and hopes. In politics, the “hope” of peoples is yet more weapon in the hands of the enemy of humanity. It must be replaced by “DETERMINATION”.

     The symbols of the World Ecologist Movement are the eight-pointed star called the iepum, representing the Sun, the Human Being in harmonic motion, the Eight Metaphysical Principles (Love, Life, Truth, Intelligence, Unity, Principle, and is the specific symbol of the Intelligence Principle. It is also the first of the Nordic Runes. Possibly the oldest symbol of humanity. It represents in itself, all the high values of Nature.

    The Four-Leaf Clover, made up of eight hearts. The heart as a symbol of Love is no stranger to true politics. Without Love there is no politics other than that of slavery.

    It can be understood as a return to harmonic life and the balance of emotions.

            ECOLOGENIA is a way of life, although there is a form of environmentalist government. It can be defined as the harmonic sum of Ecological Awareness, Natural Policy with Natural Economy, Demographics and mass knowledge of natural laws.

            We will leave you two questions whose answers only you have. How would you like the world to be? And what kind of world will we leave to our children?… Of course, parents should also be asked: What kind of children will you leave to the world? Educating them to make them those people you want them to be, begins by deeply understanding the Ecologenist worldview.


            To understand the Global Emergency Policy, you must first be very clear about the current situation in the world.

            May the First Part not make you pessimistic, although some things you find out about, disgust you. We do not ask you to believe in anything, but, despite your convictions and ideas, despite your religious faith and personal criteria, even though you believe you are very well because of your current economic situation and even if you hold a position of power, read to the end and draw your conclusions free of dogmas and prejudice. The bitter thing in the mouth (knowing the Truth that can elucidate for itself) will become sweet afterwards, when he knows that there are ways to get rid of guilt, mortgage, fears and uncertainty… And of other misfortunes that almost everyone suffers from believing that they are “natural things”. Without a full understanding of the problem, it is not possible to find the solution. The creation of a better world will be done on the total ruins of it, or we can intelligently change the political course, so that change is not a trauma. It depends on the number of people who join this Alternative.

“Know the Truth, for only she will set you free.” (Iesus el Esnio)


            About three years ago I began to awaken to the true situation of our planet and civilization, and to confront myself with the lie in which we live. To date I consider that I was well asleep despite my great suspicion of the system; I didn’t like it, but I didn’t know why. My personal path had passed only inside, yes, with great intensity. This same path of inner awakening (who am I?) led me to an external awakening (where am I?), making me feel that the period of contemplation was over. It was necessary to take action. In that action, life brought me multiple opportunities to open windows and look away from home. In one of them, I was at one of London’s airports to return for Christmas to Barcelona. What I experienced made my hair stand on edge and made me so sad that when I got on the plane I felt my heart shrink. But in what world do we live in, what is going on, “I don’t want this world for generations to come…” Some of you can imagine… the airport security control processes were militarized and they didn’t make me take my pants off because the tail was too long. Today, as in Manchester, they already have X-ray machines that take our pants off and everything else for us! That said, all for our safety…

            In conjunction with this experience, there was the book edited by George Green “Manual for the New Paradigm”, in which my wife, reading it at the time, insisted that everything described in him was real. Today I still smile when I remember myself saying that it was exaggerated, that I could not be, that I was paranoid… I smile, for my innocence and ignorance, and because it fell short! I set out to do my homework and investigate what the book said in parallel, and to my astonishment, darkness had no limits! From other sources he found the same thing. When I pulled something out of that darkness, I realized there was always something linked, and so I pulled the thread until much of the cake fell on me. Expressions such as, “what barbarity,” “what a horror,” “but where we are living,” “what is this,” “what can we do,” “this is what everyone must know,” and often feeling like our hearts shrugged into anxiety and anguish as we discovered the lie, corruption, manipulation, atrocities of our history, and those that are currently being committed in the name of democracy and freedom.

            Evidently since then, my vision of life, reality and the world in which we live has nothing to do with the world in which I thought I was living before, and now I know why I didn’t like the system.

            When I received the information that on October 3 and 4th a conference of more than 20 hours on many of the topics that we had discovered over the years was going to be held in Barcelona, I was very happy. Basically because with the exception of the Science and Spirit congresses held in Barcelona, I had not heard of any congress or conference that was dedicated to informing, reporting and providing solutions offering an integrated global perspective of the most important issues. Gabriel Silva, a psychologist, archaeologist, scientist and researcher of the benefits of the pyramids, was to be the guest speaker. We were attracted to the conference, apart from the theme, for seeing Gabriel speaking in a video we had bought years earlier about the pyramids of Egypt, which we found fascinating!

            It would be very extensive to take a tour of the subject presented, for the reader who was not better informed, given the large amount of material and the complexity of it. However, I agree with the organisers that taking loose parts of it could lead to misinterpretations on both the subject and the rapporteur. When the king is stripped naked and the lie in which we are living is directly shown, it inevitably causes a shock to anyone who hears certain information for the first time. It produces what is called “cognitive dissonance” in psychology, a friction between schemes of reality that make it uncomfortable to the one who experiences it, denying input information as a defense mechanism that produces anxiety, anger, violence. A process of assimilation and restructuring of reality in which we believe we are living is necessary.

            All this is easy to write, and it is written fast, but the implications it has are unimaginable! All darwin’s theory of evolution, current scientific theories and their derived technologies, the origin of life, of God, of our nature, of the purpose of life, of the sense of work and our place in the Universe, are immediately truncated, since they are incompatible with the information of reality. But the worst of it is not this information itself, but they are hiding it from us!

            Hiding the information contained in this book entails allowing suffering on Earth, whether as a result of hunger, disease, wars, poverty, injustice and many other causes. There is a solution for everything! This is what INTOLERABLE is. But more intolerable is knowing that there is a planetary depopulation program, a collective euthanasia across multiple pathways: (1) genetically modified (2) toxic food and seeds such as fluoride in water and other products such as toothpaste, (3) the pharmaceutical industry, the disease and vaccine business (4) the Chems or chemical steeds that smolate heavy metals and viruses , (5) the electromagnetic fields of all electronic devices, (6) the culture of fear, terror, the constant threat of ‘terrorism’ and the cutting of freedoms as a solution (7) the business of arms and wars, (8) weapons of mass destruction and mental control such as HAARP, (9) nuclear technology, nuclear radiation, use of depleted uranium, bioterrorism, (10) the use of money as a means of enslaving human beings , since money is only multiplied debt, (11) the use of nanotechnology such as Morgellons disease to kill, (12) the deprivation of the use of clean technologies, unlimited sources of energy (electromagnetic) that would solve the problem of contamiNation and destruction of the planet and its biosphere, (13) the denial and concealment of True Knowledge that could free us , both in medicine and in a great way. 

            The psychiatrist, psychologist and alchemist, C. G. Jung, said, “you do not enlighten yourself by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious, what happens is that this procedure is not pleasant and therefore unpopular.” If we want a New Humanity, it is necessary to face the individual and collective shadow, so that a true process of collective individuation is produced using Jungian terminology in order to evolve into a new spiritually and psychologically more advanced civilization. If we do not face the darkness, making ourselves aware of it, it will always govern our consciousness from the unconscious, from the occult. Whether it’s individual or collective shadow, because what we don’t know always has power over us. The only way to regain the inner power that we all have is to recognize the inner and outer shadow and integrate it into us; in other words, turning on the light inside us, for darkness is only the absence of it. This process of integration inevitably entails numerous deaths, both symbolic and real, if any. But it’s important to remember Martin Luther King’s words, “Ignoring evil is being complicit in it.” If we really want a new world, it is essential to know the shadow so that in the construction of it, we will be truly freer, otherwise we will be as M. L. King says, accomplices of that evil that will continue to be perpetuated by our ignorance.

            It is important that everyone is responsible and investigates all the information presented for themselves. Don’t believe, you have to know, even if this exercise is expensive. We must not believe anyone, but do their homework and investigate for oneself, with an open mind, and being aware that reality surpasses fiction ! It is worth saying that, although I had never heard anyone give an integrated view of what is going on on the planet, and that it has certainly been a privilege to be present in his exhibition and to meet someone with his ability, courage and strength, I cannot say that he is in total agreement with what he has stated. Yes in the global vision of the planetary situation in which we find ourselves and the urgent need to wake up and act. But apart from that, I think there is also not much time to dwell on the details, as the agenda of the global elite continues to move forward and resources need to be joined together to meet their plans, such as vaccination. The visualization and creation of a new world is urgent as it disintegrates into its own corruption and degradation.

            At the entrance to the above, I felt throughout the weekend that we are undoubtedly resistance, a resistance that gathers to inform itself in an underground space (symbolically, since the hotel room, was below street level) and that you do not know how many more times you can gather… There was also a time when there was a greater exchange of information and resources between the public and the rapporteur to look for solutions and outlets to the possible forced implantation of microchips under the skin or through the vaccine. Someone in the audience talked about how the use of neodymium magnets can neutralize microchips. I could feel that spirit of collaboration among strangers to help each other, and to be able to save us from what is to come.

            Some people attended the conference basically waiting for information about pyramidology, another of which Gabriel is a great expert, and so they expressed it aloud. I share the view that talking about pyramids and the benefit they have for our health and the healing of diseases is a lame information if you do not know what is happening on the planet. In fact it is more important to know the planetary situation than the pyramids themselves, although the construction of pyramid houses constitutes an architecture that will undoubtedly belong to the New Humanity. I personally knew nothing of this subject, and I was pleasantly impressed with its potential. I went with the idea that it was possible through the influence of the force of the pyramid shape field to affect our DNA and repair it to reconstitute our original nature. The nature of the ‘Gods’ of which we are in image and likeness, but with limited DNA.

            The secret best kept by the global elite is the secret of “who we really are”, and they have done their best (through leisure, creating false needs and slavery from work) to get us away from our source, otherwise their days would be numbered. To discover our true nature is to discover the enormous potential that resides within us. We are not one-dimensional beings living in a three-dimensional reality. We are multidimensional beings in consciousness living in a multidimensional reality, and this fact has us multiple tools and knowledge to reactivate who we are, transform ourselves and help transform the world in which we live. We must leave the victimism, the pusillanimous thought that we can do nothing and take responsibility for changing the world by changing ourselves first, as Mahatma Gandhi argued: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Being a testimony of change is a source of inspiration for others, and as they often say, an image, a testimony, is worth a thousand words and discourses.

            Finally, I would like to recommend for all those readers who feel identified with the archetype of warrior, the invaluable help offered by the Myth of the “Hero Journey”. A path that we are all traveling from the moment we wake up, open our eyes, and recognize the state of innocence and ignorance, of slavery and automatism, of disconnection with our essence and intonation in which we live. The mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero of a Thousand Faces” excellently describes the path that in all times and cultures of known history the heroes have gone through. Waking up within the community, withdrawing from it to get started, and returning to serve and transform it with his acquired knowledge. This is precisely what many of us are doing, and in my opinion, it brings a lot of understanding and strength to know that we are being driven by a universal archetype! Go ahead with the courage and courage to illuminate the darkness with the light of Truth!

“A man can lose everything, but if he loses his freedom, he has lost his life. Truth will make you Free and Ignorance Slaves. Open your eyes and help others open them too. Only by opening them will we be free.”

With hope and determination, Pepón Jover 

“Never doubt that a group of conscious and committed citizens can change the world, in fact it has always been so.”

Margaret Mead.



            Hidden for most of Humanity, there are two plans, two opposing purposes. Two sides absolutely enemies, because there are only two supreme ideals in contention in the world: slavers and liberators. Capitalism, communism and all other “bands” are just masks of the same slave side, whose main goal is to create peoples of little intellect, with all kinds of diseases, easy to govern and easy to subdue. They violate natural laws in many ways, degenerate people into their feelings, with a false story, with some aberrant religions and rotten literature; they violate intellects with pseudo-scientific falsehoods and dogmas, and just as they create peoples, hunger them, subdue them, and finally, to maintain their reigns when reproduction exceeds the world’s resources, they destroy them. This has happened many times on the surface of this world, but this book will only touch history in its essential parts. The important thing is that right now we are on the brink of demographic collapse, but not because there are no people in the world, but because of the brutal waste of resources.

            The plans of each other are often hidden but the facts are visible, they can be analyzed using scientific method. There are conspiracies drawn up by both sides and the main difference is that slavers hiden, operate in the shadows, put leading puppets, unconscious war armies, a great economic sinarchy and use all kinds of destructive mechanisms and instruments; while conscious liberating groups make open, widespread conspiracies with plans that are made known to all and the mechanisms and instruments are almost never destructive, even if they have sometimes had to appeal to the force and even face wars that they have not provoked, to survive or to carry out special works that we will talk about later.

            This book is written by the Liberating Band, in order to denounce the plans and conspiracies of modern slavers, as well as to disseminate the real solutions that exist as an alternative to them, since there is a great substantive demographic problem, which really affects both sides, because we are on the outer surface of a planet where resources are increasingly scarce and the world’s population grows alarmingly , leaving the planet as a ship increasingly full of travelers, with the cellars empty and without a port to dock. But the solutions are quite different for each side. While slavers encourage excessive reproduction, prohibit or discourage contraceptive methods according to strategic needs of place and time and then go through genocide (selective or not) to the “marginalized”, the Liberators propose a very different education, with secular scientific teachings, free of academic and religious dogmas, leaving religion within the family option, and such education is not free of spirituality in its purest and most manifest state. The basis is the Eternal Knowledge of Metaphysics, which, not being too complicated to understand, has been hidden and distorted so that the masses cannot leave the slavery of materialism as a philosophy and as a “way of life”.

There are ecological keys to apply to Humanity without prejudice to anyone, without the need to murder marginalized because no one is marginalized; nobody is left as the workers in the market industry “fired” when it is no longer suitable for a employer or company to continue to work. Nor is the “socialist” need to pay unemployed people in Ecology, because there is no need for unemployment in an intelligent and corruption-free society. In an Ecologenic world, Humanity is truly free, individually and collectively; there is no place for slavery in any form of the many that has had since the money existed. Before that there was also slavery, simply because there are very intelligent people with psychological aberrations of which slavery is the worst of all. But instead of advancing Humanity towards Ecology, it did so because of money, towards more refined forms of slavery, more disguised, and even with the approval and participation of the slave mass; inadvertently to fall into the most ingenious and effective trap ever invented, thanks to his own greed and selfishness. These aberrations are the biggest affinity factor between slaves and slaveholders. Some coveting little and others coveting everything, but at last, the game was so armed that now civilization is depressed, dumb, powerless and subjected to the designs of a few great conspirators.

            When we talk about conspiracies, the uninformed may think we’re “conspirano.” The term was invented to ridicule in advance before the public, any complaint or reaction against political conspiracies that favor (or are part) of the largest conspiracy in this civilization: that of a few slave families. These have no religion even if they intervene in several, no flags, no Love, no bond with anyone, except among themselves, for the simple knowledge that they share the “ideal” of dominating the world. It is not so much that the reader is better instructed by looking at other books and the internet, but in this one we will make things clear, apart from historical issues.

            We will propose to change the world, to do better, to break many myths, to dismantle the plans of those who rule in the shadows. Ecologenia is the only alternative for Humanity to free itself from the chains of slavery to which it has been subjected.


            This book is intended for Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Stoses, Hindus, Satanics and Angelic, the poor and the rich, employers and employees, selfish and supportive, of all races, from all over the world. Because everybody’s deceived. Everyone lives full of prejudices, fears, hatreds, vices and false information about history and the present. Some are better informed than others, but neither informed nor informants give clear and concrete answers, nor solution alternatives to any of the major problems that burden Humanity. The purpose of this book is to help them awaken from the many deceptions in which global civilization lives, while inviting them to participate in a world salvation, and we do not refer only to “spiritual salvation” so marketed by slavers, but by talking about saving our lives, our freedom and our right to Happiness and Security. There is an already obvious urgency for even the sleptest, because our future generations are now threatened by the sexapathic degeneration of “gender ideology”, imposed even in some primary schools in several countries.

            It will be no use to give yourself for alluded to or touched in your intimate emotions and beliefs, because to understand the Truth you have to listen to all the bells, free yourself from the conditionings of education, tradition, religion and custom, things that form all prejudices. We’re not going to raise “new beliefs” here. Nor do we want anyone to abandon spirituality, but just to help him find it in his purest state: that of Reality, free of dogmas. It is time to recover its essence, but without taking off the feet of the earth, while still seeing the mistakes to which groups of tyrants have induced us for millennia, in order only to enslave everyone, to hold the most absolute control and power over all Beings.

            We do not want readers to become followers of anyone, nor do we pretend to “agree” on opinions, because this book does not represent an “opinion”. It is the product of analysis in the scientific areas of anthropology, psychology, sociology and politics, with the help of information sciences and help of experts in state intelligence, civil and military, historians, etc. Although it seems that these are not “exact sciences” there are things that are as indisputable as mathematics, despite how abstract they may seem to the common intellect, too exposed to educational aberrations, to distortion of ideas through interested and manipulated academism, along with the idle distraction of the media system (especially television) that has reached extreme shameful and destructive levels.

            Almost all great Prosperous in all countries have been magnificent people, with great ideals, theurgic at heart, but almost all, sooner or later, have fallen into the traps of slavers, for not being able to anticipate the plays of the geniuses of evil, of the cunning “power sick” whose intelligence, although we must not fear or overestimate , we must not despise or minimize. It is true that his consciences – as we explained below – oscillate only between the upper part of the second dimension of consciousness and lower part of the third (the purely materialistic consciousness), but his level of intelligence of elite chess players, although it is very high, does not have the ingredient of Love possessed by the fourth-dimensional man, the one who loves Humanity , the one who fights for the real freedom of the Human Kingdom. The intelligence of slavers is sharpened, but mediocre in the highest sense than intelligence is as a Universal Principle. Therefore, sooner or later the tyranny they have established will fall, but it is up to us to be out of understanding now, and not for extreme suffering afterwards.

            Psychologically, slavers are very sick people, aberrated in the depths of their minds; they base their security on their power, not their Self. They do not know Happiness as a natural state, always having an obsessive hard work to maintain power over others, whose loss– they believe – would be the undoing of themselves. Many members of this “sinarchy” (government for contacts and friendships of material convenience) have been killed by their peers in the face of disobedience to the group, but more are cases of suicide, being challenged, diminished, discredited, or with some financial losses involving loss of some of the power.

            The planet’s true rulers, with the exception of honorable exceptions, are no longer so unknown. These are the superbanks responsible for making, manipulating and directing money, as a means of controlling technology, politics, armies and all humanity.

            To change the world by making it more just, truly human, with an intelligently related humanity, happy and not ruled by heartless tyrants, you have to know the Truth, which “is bitter in the mouth, but sweet in the bowels”. Then it must be disseminated worldwide, that it arrives simple and clear to the last end of the Earth, that it should be read by the lords of the high finances, those who go on a plane, the factory workers, the policemen, the military, the doctors, the peasants and even the most sacrificed “garimpeiros” who leave their bones in search of diamonds in the depths of the jungle. Therefore, Dear Reader, it is also your responsibility, to understand what is set out here and then to spread it. Otherwise, the best ideas would be landless seeds to germinate.

            All the problems of the world are caused by the interests of slavers. Man is not a naturally violent being, even if he has a defense and attacking ability. No one in her right mind likes war, but “education” forms it for her from all fronts. Video games are in more than ninety percent, war games. Today’s man suffers from psychological aberrations that would be easy to treat with the right method and that has existed for many decades. Pero hoy padece de una aberración accesoria, que llamamos “mediatez”, es decir la idiotez aparente pero manifiesta en la práctica, fabricada por la desinformación, especialmente la televisiva por ser la más potente, pero que empieza en los manuales de historia de la escuela primaria, sigue en la mayoría de los libros-basura, en los supuestamente espirituales y en literatura que las editoriales del sistema sólo aceptan si va en conveniencia con los planes de gobierno mundial. These mechanisms are almost automatic, since market laws have been outperforming countries’ laws for more than a century.

            Most of the writings of great masters of metaphysics, psychology, philosophy and anthropology of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, have been adulterated (mutilated, interpolated, dusted, etc.), in a global campaign begun by the intelligence services of sinarchy in 1956. Not that it was done before, but that year began the biggest campaign of infiltration in all schools of thought, the strongest publishers and all the media were bought; all the media hotspots began to be bought, with which the so-called “freedom of the press” is now a big lie, with few exceptions. The interests of the same market system have generated the rest: self-censorship and fear, direct and indirect censorship, etc. The secret services of the financial gang members do not rest, the news that comes to us every day is always carefully filtered by a system that works practically automatically. Any news will go through four or five large “news agencies”, but locals that affect the system, however idealistic the journalist has, will be censored by advertisers. A call from a major advertiser threatening to retire as a customer already puts the media in trouble. It is enough that this happens a couple of times for the owner of the medium to establish “rules” that are actually censorship. So journalism does not face a state censor or a dictator, but a myriad of small, medium-sized and large economic tyrants.

            As we will explain, the factors are many, but in short, there are two Great Purposes: The Enslavement of Humanity by one side (which has been practically achieved), and its liberation on the other. Once it is clear which side you belong to, you need to be clear about the means and methods to be used. Individual and collective liberation is possible, but only by reacting to a “critical mass” that is a high percentage of the population; especially the intellectual class, the armed forces and the judiciary of all countries. Those who believe to be on the side of this are called “pasúes” (scrubers) by the liberating groups, but in reality those Pasúes are almost always unconscious soldiers of the slave side. No one is left out of the game, we are all pieces that chess players take into account when using us or fighting us. Liberators are, on the other hand, people of greater conscience, although as we have said before, they often fall into slave traps as soon as they neglect their motivations and psychological situation. Vanities, the craving for “per se” power, pride and invincible belief, has destroyed many great men, causing their magnificent works to become more of a favor to the enemy they wished to fight.

            Slavers have used against real liberating-minded politicians, firstly, sexual temptation and wealth, but then corruption between their ranks and when all this has failed, murder. Many others have fallen before they are famous, but most succumb to temptations barely reach power. Today there are hardly any political values left and the few that remain are constantly attacked, threatened and media ridiculous; nothing has changed in almost seventeen centuries.

            But now things have gotten extremely serious. Hidden rulers consider the game almost won. In fact, they are the ones who command, they are the ones who hold in their hands the power of money (we are not talking about the “big fortunes”, but the control of money in the finances of the states), they control everything with money, to politicians all over the world, except for three or four who are spinning their feet a little. So – as they demonstrated in two world wars – most of the armed forces are directly or indirectly available. But what they don’t have is the knowledge of what the Free Man really feels. Today you have to play you, Reader, because we are facing a plan of genocide as this civilization has not known before. And there is abundant evidence that the global conspiracy is a fact and so is its plans. We just have to remove the blindfold, although the panorama is unpleasant and from what we see, decide what we are going to do.

            This book sets out some options and methods, so when you finish it, you’ll know exactly what your role is, whatever your job, profession, and geographic location is. Your conscience will tell you exactly which of these three options you’ll be in:

    1.- As a contributor to the genocide we denounced. Perhaps you are already doing so, deceived with promises of elitism or “state secrets” and supposed protection of the world with defense of climate, participating in fumigations (chemtrails) as a pilot or as an aviation mechanic. You may have already been invited to one of several bunkers that sinarchy has built in Norway, USA, Israel, Bolivia and elsewhere, and you think a better world will come later if those plans are fulfilled. Maybe you’re a paid servant to misinform the mass and inform the masters. Remember that the workers of the megalomaniacs and slavers, throughout history, have been ultimately killed, because the masters of the world, actually thugs of this planet turned into jail, will never share power with you. If you betray Humanity, remember that slavers despise and murder traitors and that Loyalty is only toward someone when he represents his own highest and most benign ideals; remember that criminals do not have “loyalists”, but accomplices subjected; that you will never be able to participate in a better world, but you will be – until they decide to eliminate you – a miserable and subservient slave. Only you can change that.

    2.- If you have no idea what we are exposing, you can remain uninformed and not worry about anything, keep watching TV and football matches, fights of “politicians” and advertisements to be fashionable, in which case you will be a “pass” more among the many millions; victim who will not even know what is happening, what is cooked in the upper political spheres, where your life is decided, that of your family, your children, your grandchildren and all over the world.

    3.- You have the option to inform yourself and decide if you will contribute to make a world like the one you have imagined in your best dreams. Because now, honestly, you have no better choice. As we explained below, there is a problem called “demographics”, which no environmental NGO seems to be interested in and that is precisely where the crux of the issue is, the heart of the whole global political problem, as explained below in detail. Although for nearly two centuries the “owners of the world” have been conspiring to keep the problem of demographics at bay through diseases, wars and famines, at this beginning of the 21st century the problem has become more serious and the “owners” are concerned. That’s why they’ve developed one more lie on their agenda, called “climate change.” Demographics get out of hand, technology is out of hand, so are they, and they fear losing their power. It is not that resources or space are lacking, the problem is that the world is small and shattered if the current political and economic guidelines are maintained. The Earth could house more than one hundred billion people living as in a Paradise, but only under a Natural Policy, with other values, with a fair distribution of lands and resources. The technology achieved would be enough to do so. We just have to free the mind of the human mass and the rest comes alone.

            Don’t be discouraged if you don’t seem to share some ideas, because to understand the substance of the problem you need to first understand other aspects and details of global reality. Remember that we are explaining for the most intelligent, as well as for the young people and even the children who can get to read this book, but with equal rights to understanding, so that the goal is that you not only understand, but you check, at least dialectically, every point of the problem and its solution alternatives.


            No doubt every reader will feel “touched” or “annoyed” in one or many points of this book, depending on their degree of intelligence, their rigidity of criteria (badly called Faith) and – above all – what dimension their consciousness is in. That is why the following clarification on a much-used topic in mass misinformation plans is now needed.  The myth of the “Fourth Dimension” to which Humanity must pass (some speak of the fifth, sixth or more). It is not a “vibrational” factor and has no direct relationship to quantum physics or the theory of parallel universes. In this book we cannot and should not cover “esoteric” issues, as we face very terrestrial, political, economic and demographic realities, but we will clarify the landscape to avoid the effects of misinformation and confusion created by the political actors of financial sinarchy.

            Psychologists of the early sixteenth century divided the states of consciousness as observed in countless individuals, to make psychoanthropological classification, i.e. a classification of individuals according to their behavior. As can be inferred, Sigmund Freud has by far been not “the father of psychology”, but only the father of an incomplete and largely aberrant school. There was already a good sense of psychology as a science in the 16th century and human behavior was studied in all its aspects and processes. It did not evolve rapidly because the postulates obtained by philosophers and psychologists went against the interests of the market, finances and religious beliefs that the owners of the money were preparing to spread around the world.

            The academic philosophy of the sixteenth century already divided humanity into three “dimensions”, although they referred strictly to the development of consciousness and not to the “height, long and wide” of physics. And it is important to understand that the brain intelligence and degree of abstraction available by the subject, is not directly related to their “dimensional” position. The intelligence inherent in Consciousness works on the basis of Love as a pure feeling. There are -cerebrally speaking – geniuses and idiots in each of these dimensional states that we explain:

The First Dimension: It’s that of the I.D. (And only I), the dimension in which the individual is bestially selfish, without respect for other beings, except the group tax and minimally necessary to obtain benefits for their pleasures and immediate survival.

The Second Dimension: It is that of the YO and my partner, my children, with a sense of “property” as if they were objects. These subjects tend to subdue their family and any other human individual, any other is in their mind “mobile object”.

The Third Dimension: It is that of YO and my Family (And my dog, my house, my friends, my relatives, my fatherland…). There is greater respect and less – or no – sense of “property”, but rather of belonging, but the individual remains more self-centered than that of an evolved Soul.

The Fourth Dimension: When philosophers said that Humanity should transcend and for that it was necessary to reach the “Fourth Dimension”, they meant that the I must join all the other I of human beings in the first place, and subsequently elevate or expand their Love and intelligent identity with all the Beings of the Universe, until they reached Yoga (Union) with the Unknowable , call yourself God, Absolute, One, or Eternal.

            In more mundane terms, the fourth dimension is the state of consciousness that humanity will reach, only in the event that the political objective of stopping the criminals who have caused for almost two millennia the degeneration of all ethical and ethical values, the ecological destruction of the planet, is achieved; that have massively aberrated psychology, filling it with lies, fallacies, deceptions, historical distortions and absurd concepts. It is not possible to achieve a higher state of consciousness from the state of psychological and emotional slavery, but it is also difficult to attain it from physical slavery, manifested in the economic policy of capitalism to outrage.


            The world’s most serious problems have not been caused by an alleged violent nature of man. The psychologically aberrated and politically deceived man is violent. If he is strangled emotionally by misery, by debts, by myriad desires created by advertising and frustrated by the “economy”, he is violent. The man educated in a false, contradictory, fanatical “culture” (of a football club with which he earns nothing, or any other fanaticism), scientifically dogmatic and raised among all kinds of lies by infinity of everyday pretexts, is violent. The aberrations received by engrams (unconscious) and by “mediatez” make it violent. Fears and hatreds make him violent. But all of that is imposed in the psyche by some religions, debunred school education, media and today by the “teachings” of social media controlled by some enslaveer intelligence services. We learn to be violent from a young age and grow up seeing constant violence. Added to this is the effect of drugs and alcohol, and the side effects of drugs such as prozac and many more common consumption each time, which brutally alter brain functions. There is an increasingly complicated and contradictory legal system, which seeks to stop with laws and prisons what should be treated with therapy and education, but as corrupt laws as alternatives, with inefficient therapies, with repressive rather than comprehensive education… So we enter a vicious circle from which almost no citizen escapes, keeping the population on the edge of crime at every turn.


            The idea of trade is an aberration in itself and that on top of it is “fair”, a utopia of idealistic but naive people. Trade is something that many civilizations that lasted millennia were absolutely forbidden. Instead, they functioned with the solidarity mindset of equitable sharing and could only in this way encompass political extensions that no country now reaches. The Romans, Egyptians and others in the East and the great Mesoamerican cultures did not have the current technology, nor vehicles faster than the horse. However, many other peoples were able to develop and “conquer” (which is not the same as raping or invading) many other peoples. The official comic and the cinema tell us that by the force of the swords, by the oratory or by mysterious political and convincing gifts. But the reason was much simpler. As simple as that they put in place a natural mechanism, as the Reader can appreciate outlined in this book and compare it with the “market economy” that governs the world since the third century of this age.

            Trade is an idea that has to change in the bud, otherwise neither “Green” nor NGAs, nor grouping of any kind will succeed in its search for solutions (which will always be partial and never substantive), because “trade” implies “money” and money is an artificial value in the hands of the most cunning and least humanitarian, and at best implies “barter” that ultimately implies “barter” , it becomes a game where only the most skilled and least supportive win. Workers, through barter, will end up – whether they like or not – swapping their diamonds, emeralds and gold, for glass beads. Farmers trade their legitimate wealth for one-fifth of the value of their merchandise, because an army of merchants (intermediaries) lives at their expense.

            Ecologenia is in fact the concrete proposal to recover the policy that adulterated history hides from us, but taking advantage of the advantages achieved by science and technology. Its fundamental premise is the elimination of usury, which turns money into a value in itself, rather than a means of just service. Finally, when the whole world lives under the guidelines of Ecologenia, that is, in the balance and harmony with the Nature of the world and the true Human Nature, there will be no “exchange” of goods and services, but a just “distribution”, which has resulted in antiquity, in a superlative abundance, which involved plenty of time for each individual to develop his talents , also from an education with vocational guidance, instead of having to work on anything that is not desired, thus turning work into a burden or punishment.

            The result of the money-rich consciousness of today’s society is the extreme misery of one-fifth of Humanity, the poverty of more than half the world, the adjusted and never just experience of the rest, a certain good level for one percent of the world’s population, and full economic power in the hands of just over a thousand people. But like almost everyone, even the poor, has a device of contact with the rest of the world, they see the world situation as a “great achievement of civilization,” because they don’t even know what they’re for, where they come from or where they’re going (or don’t care), or they haven’t even thought about it. Still, if the Reader belongs to that category, we recommend reading to the end, because it will certainly not be the same again and sooner or later he will appreciate having read this book. They say that knowledge takes no place, but make a little place in your mind, because true knowledge makes you “open your eyes” and removes all kinds of instilled and accumulated rubbish during life. You’ll have to shake up ideas like “fair trade” that’s more or less like saying “humanitarian slavery,” “legitimate deception,” “healthy disease, ” or “pious torture.” In trade what there is is intent to win and there will always be those who want to win at the expense of whoever, at the cost of anything and whatever. The true fair distribution of goods and services, health care, security and education, have nothing to do with the word “trade”.

Conspiracies and conspiracies:

            The plan of world domination that began just under two thousand years ago seems to be a paranoid theory only to “political illiterates,” uninformed, and undecented people. When a political party is formed, technically a “conspiracy” is made to access power, with the best or worst ideals, but conspiracy at last. When a group of investors meet to make a business plan, it technically meets to “conspire” for economic gains. So the term “conspiranoic” is a creation to discourage and ridicule in advance the allegations of the most informed citizens. Of course, there is a difference between “meeting to do something” and “meeting to conspire.” There are several differences, but the two biggest are selfish intent with conscious harm to others and secrecy (logical, given intentionality).

            Political plans should not be based on conspiracies, but certainly there have been throughout history and there are more than ever. Most of these conspiracies are both political and economic. But society is like fish in murky water, which doesn’t see who the fisherman is. They really assume that banks are “public entities”, when they are private companies, commercial companies (anonymous or not). The U.S. Federal Reserve has only the “federal” name. It is a company of the type Sociedad Anónima, but with very few “shareholders” who know each other very well, who have “sacred” pacts, like those of any mafia. No one gives reliable information about its constitution, but it has become clear to all researchers that the four or five most famous and wealthy bankers are at the forefront, guiding from that bank to everyone else in the world. If the Reader searches the Internet for “Nesara”, he/she will find more data.

            What is presented in the media as “Conspiracy Theory” is rather a theorem, which can solve any citizen with some neurons free of “mediatez”. If the U.S. government , like almost every government in the world, owes money to banks Who are those creditors? What would be called the “business” that has been done behind the backs of the world, in total secrecy, buying from corrupt politicians to give banks power over everything, including over national governments themselves? Can you think that the Bilderberg Group meetings, held as stealthly as possible, are not conspiracies?

            It is true that these meetings are a cover and in them are brought together only the minor partners, that is, the “older employees”, playing target for the rebel spies, the specialized journalists, to “press reactions”, tweeting the social terrain. Worse: What would we call the real meetings of the true all-powerful lords, owners of the highest technologies, who can gather without any snooping journalists bothering them? Readers will not believe that these people can simply be caught by a journalist, or that they need to meet in a famous hotel… To say that there is a pathological tendency suffered by so-called “conspiranoics” is a vile slander.

It’s one of the most backing tactics, but not ineffective. It is the well-known “divide to reign,” but not just by dividing the states of power that world power controls with money. It’s also about keeping the population completely polarized, through pornography in all its forms, including sports (watching others play), generating myriad scandals and entertaining matches and then long programs to comment on them. Polarizing opinions preventing reason from taking the debaters to an intermediate, reasoned, intelligent ground. This phenomenon may be seen in a thousand things, but we are going to political polarization, which has always been the pinnacle of tactics and the most obvious application.

            The so-called democracy is based on the false idea that the people govern and do so through their representatives. This would only be more or less feasible if it were not that economic interests are always the ones that determine in the short or in the long run, all the action of government. But in any case, elections are not made because politicians take exams and oppositions. “Parties” are voted, i.e. entities that supposedly represent an ideology. However, every difference remains only in the forms, not at heart. Politicians, as we said, have to occupy half of their ability to work, time and resources, to come to power and continue to do so to support themselves. No one can deny that obvious conduct, both in executive and legislative power, is a cluster of shameful dialectical fights and sometimes a clean punch. Imagine what the perspective of a family is where mom and dad are divided into “two ideologies” other than family care and protection; who are constantly arguing forming two rival sides with the sons and even hitting each other. And all because they supposedly want the best for the children…!

            What politicians are looking for in these debates laden with hypocritical diplomacy and hidden insults or not is not the best thing for the people, in most cases; but the few honest politicians have no remote possibility of asserting their arguments. Because in a society where economic values and individualism take precedence over any other in the crudeness of practice, only the most cunning, the best paid, those who insist time and time again on imposing laws requested by financial speculators will win. If a law is not enacted to the finance financetath today, it will be later or sooner. The corrupting process of interests is slow but inexorable. You could say that in communism that does not happen, however communist countries do not stop using money, so at best there is a “state capitalism”. And what about the states thus directed? For if the ruler is honest, there will be social justice, real progress, an equitable distribution of wealth and resources in general. I mean, socialism. But in practice, most “socialists” are only named. There are very few authentic and for the international press these authentic “dictators”.

            But what if that ruler came to abolish usury altogether? That the time may come, it may try to abolish the use of money, because there are other, much more effective ways of managing a society, especially if it is supportive and educated, rather than selfish and animalized. Then we must prepare for the multinational and stateless gang to react – as planned – by moving all the mechanisms they control, leading the “rebel” ruler to constant defamation, media demonization and they soon take time to promote a moderate war according to their conveniences, or a world war if the country is powerful and the example begins to take hold. Today this risk is minimal considering the demographic situation, the crises manufactured by the usurers themselves (which can get out of hand) and in the light of the perspective that the Reader will see, there are not many options left. Neither capitalism nor communism are valid alternatives. The only alternative is to return to the Natural Policy of the Human Being, which will depend on the sum of wills of each people and that those who study and understand Ecology (it is not necessary to be a genius), take first the role of communicators, who disseminate by all means at their disposal this Movement and its characteristics , and learn the role of leader. It’s neither easy nor difficult. There are people who are born with the talent of leadership and others develop it, but even those who have it innate, must learn about the true global political history to take advantage of the collective experience, as well as the Ecologenia in its background, thus knowing which and what forms it can take according to the idiosyncrasies of each population.  NEXT PAGE…

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