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The world is now “on the knife’s edge.” The Natural Policy used by the ancient humanities and some not far away in time is recovered, or this civilization collapses with the massacre – already planned – of 7 billion people. Wars caused by all the springs of influence, fumigation with chemtrails and false pandemics to stop the normality of life are some of the attempts to do so. Some call this plan to eliminate most of Humanity “eugenics.” In reality, however, eugenics is a set of educational measures (mandatory or not) to prevent people with serious genetic impairments from reproducing, which would then be a waste for the social pool. A very different concept, but finally we have to accept by the use, that meaning of the word, as synonymous with “global massacre”.

     Only by putting the common good, before the private good, is it possible to make a Great Nation, even if the problems already transcend nationalities. However, a priority for Ecology is to recover the Patrios Values of each country.
The Human Natural Policy, which we call ECOLOGENIA, is not an “ideology”, but True Political Science for the benefit of human beings in harmony with Nature.

     It should not be confused with Ecology, although it includes it in the highest ethical and conceptual sense. These are the main points that define an Ecologenic Government, but it should be noted that “People” and “Government” in THE ECOLOGENIA are only separated in the timely making of some individuals (Leaders and Executives of the State), not in the protagonists, because it is The People who rule through the Assemblies.

     To understand the purpose of Ecology, it is necessary to analyse the various aspects of the role of Government and to understand the inextricable relationship between them, under a Logical and Natural WorldView very different from that of the market, finance, usury and stock mechanisms. In extreme short, hereafter rules the People through the Assemblies, or they govern banks through the corrupt system of partitocracy.


   The Basis of Natural Policy is ASAMBLEARIA and PARTICIPATIVE, or is absolutely contrary to the worst political scourge of society, the so-called partitocracy, created a few centuries ago and based on “ideologies”, created much earlier by global slavers to produce division, disorder, confrontation, massive ignorance of True Politics. Partitocracy is one of the most damaging instruments of world government initiated with Constantine in 326, creating the first private bank to take control of goods, people and nations. The four fundamental foundations of a society are Health, Education, Security and the Economy. The liberal and neoliberal system, as well as its apparent opposite, communism, have proven to be scourges, aberrations that on the one hand or on the other, generate a permanent conflict between people and groups of them in the same social and family collective, poverty, subjugation, misinformation, impotence, hunger and war as a result of the whole set of absurdities confronted.

Ecology is not an “ideology”, but true politics, which serves the common good above all else, which ensures the maximum good, security, evolution, transcendence and existential happiness of individuals, because it rightly prioritizes the common good over the individual. The relationship between each point derived from these four pillars of the Policy can be easily seen. The Assembly is a Government of the People and for the People, even if there are leaders and leadership criteria. It is not anarchy, it has clear and simple mechanisms, but it is a body that definitively replaces the legislative power of partitocracies. There is no “political caste,” although a leader can be perpetuated in power at the will of his People for as long as he decides, through elections in the Assembly and plebiscite votes (endorsed by all the people in direct election).

This allows the Nation to have a leader that the mass wishes to keep at the forefront as long as there are no reasons for its replacement, and can complete any plan that the Assembly has initiated. At the same time, it avoids the intrusions, discords and infiltrations that slavers promote by taking advantage of changes. Would you change Captain on a ship and put anyone inoperative in their place to be “democratic”? The four- or five-year term of presidency in the “democratic world” or the impediment to being re-elected are only a way to prevent peoples from keeping their best leaders in the lead. And if there are few trained to captain a ship, much less is there to run a country.

Ecology is an objective, logical and simple WorldView, True Politics, the Natural Policy of the Human Being, is not an “ideology”, its base is scientific, ecological, intelligent in defense and protection of the Human Kingdom, but in harmony with the animal, plant and mineral nature of the world. Its existence dates back to the most remote antiquity and has existed in Baalbek, Egypt, Greece, Rome and the pre-Columbian American Empires. It is still practiced in America, Africa and Australia by some small Aboriginal communities. Its extrapolation to a technically advanced community implies with its educational principles and justice, a level of Transcendence and Freedom of the Human Being as it has not existed for almost two millennia in Europe and five centuries in America. In any country, THE values of LA PATRIA represent the COMMON GOOD, so that the properly understood patriotism must cease to be believed a “deciduous thing” as millions of young people have been thought around the world. Only those who love and respect their country are prepared to respect that of other nations.

At the end of “partisanship”, what each citizen must defend in any
part of the world: Your Country is the maximum, and every other flag within it must be at a lower level. The only legal “party” for which you work and fight is “MY COUNTRY”. Any other difference in criteria is resolved in the Local Assembly, in the Provincial Assembly and if it is important each proposal will reach the National Assembly.


(To be endorsed, planned and executed by the National Assembly)


1.1) Alternative Therapies have been scientifically validated, developing plans for their national implementation. Medicine must be free and cannot be in the hands of private economic interests, let alone transnational. There is abundant scientific knowledge in any country, for the prevention and treatment of almost all diseases in an autonomous form, that is, through technical, scientific, medical and auxiliary personnel of the country, without relying on foreign laboratories. Natural medicines, homeopathy and other proven therapies will have pre-eminence over industrial pharmacopoeity. Junguiana psychology and its advances (such as biodecoding) will be priority and inexorable subjects throughout medicine.

1.2) Sexuality. Homosexuality is respected. It is not allowed to be used politically. Homosexuality (private, non-illicit) differs from “gender ideologies”, which correspond to perversions that go beyond homosexuality and usually have nothing to do with homosexuality. Scientifically based sex education allows the level of homosexuality in natural historical scales, which do not exceed 0.01% of the population. Feeding free of unnatural chemicals and hormonal aggregates is consistent with this purpose. Instead, “gender ideology” must be absolutely abolished and affected persons must be treated as mentally ill. Campaigns of feminism and machismo, which seek to confront the sexes as enemies, must be regarded as subversive, since in Ecology abuse has no sex, rape and abuse either, and there are laws more than enough for such cases. Still, it’s the right education that produces the best background solutions.
Pornography will not be censored but the population will be educated about its effects, and kept in the right premises, out of reach of minors. Pornographic media connections will be restricted and nudism will be released in appropriate areas as an educational measure. Pornography has as a profound cause in psychology, the morbid prohibition of seeing the human nude.

1.3) Agrochemicals. Recovery of natural agrochemicals and other non-harmful to health and the environment, prohibition of hazardous organic agrochemicals. There is an infinite variety of agrochemicals and natural fertilizers that carry no risks and have been hidden in education and literature for many decades. There are also biodynamic farming techniques that make the use of most agrochemicals unnecessary.

1.4) Transgenic. Absolute prohibition of transgenic seeds and all risk factors in agriculture, livestock and food. Creation of seed banks and seed recovery to have an abundance of non-hybrid ones. Prohibition of chemical feeding in animal husbandry for consumption. Promotion of veganism and vegetarianism, without fanaticism or imposition.

1.5) Chemtrails. Absolute prohibition of aerial spraying (chemical slaes), except those necessary not harmful to agro and nature, to break stone storms or produce rains in case of drought. Always with full information of components and actions to the population and without participation of any private company or foreign government.

1.6) Drugs: No drug ban has decreased drug use, but generates illegal businesses, which are fought on the one hand and stimulated by rising prices, for the benefit of mafias. The release of restrictions but with quality control, along with a school and media education, is the only thing that can end the devastating drug trade.

1.7) Hospital Service: The hospitalization for treatment of all ailments should be free until full recovery, without loss of salary for the patient. Private medicine has no place in the Ecology. Doctors can’t profit from health, but serve it. Vocational guidance will result in true doctors and nurses, as well as a decrease to the minimums of “sick” due to the psychological need not to work on what they are entitled to or like.


2.1) Secular Education and Politics: Recovery of coherent, secular and free traditional education at all levels. Religious education will be within the home and places of each cult, not imposed or subsidized by the State. Participatory political teaching of the Assembly system will prevent future generations from being re-deceived by extreme ideologies and the systems of partisanship created by global banking. Political Ethics will be a subject from elementary school, to train conscious, critical, invulnerable people to the mass deceptions suffered by the current civilization. The educational plan must form Free, Ethical, Solidarity and Healthy Persons, not employees of economic interests.

2.2) Psychological education at all levels: Mental and emotional training under ethical and ethical principles, generates much healthier adolescents, adults better prepared for any circumstance, existentially happy and free of the taras imposed by the market. On the other hand, gambling advertising is strictly prohibited, just as tobacco advertising has been banned almost all over the world. The Assemblies may determine the prohibition or moderation of the use of sex as an advertising factor in any medium.

2.3) Vocational Orientation: No person should work on something he does not like and vocation can be found at any age but the playful method must be applied to discover it each one during childhood. The education system should be oriented in such a way that each person is fully happy in their work. This is one of the points most purposely violated by slavery, which requires pauperization and existential unhappiness to subdue peoples.

2.4) Arts and Folklore: Art has standards, guidelines, developed and preserved from the remotest antiquity, according to Nature. The destruction of natural concepts and their formulas, as well as the denostation and destruction of the folklore of peoples, is done to confuse and subdue the minds, emotions and Soul of people. Peoples who lose their folklore lose the best part of their Group Spirit, their identity, the factors that bind people the most.

2.5) Critical Spirit: The “single thought” induced by international slavery is contradicted by the campaigns they make to generate political dissent. In other words, for the degeneration of values, a single thought is made but to maintain discord different “political ideologies” are made. This in Ecology is reversed. The analysis and critical spirit of all are encouraged, but in politics there is a “single thought” is that only the common good guarantees the individual good, and the intelligent application of the Political Administration, led and controlled by the Assemblies, that is, by the People. That’s the real Republic.

2.6) Racial and Gender Affairs: It is considered criminal to manifest aversion or promotion of hatred between races or various cultural groups, etc. The racial issue will only be investigated in anthropology, genetics and medicine so that their strictly proven knowledge serves all human beings, regardless of their racial or cultural ancestrality. With regard to the aberration of “gender ideology”, any person who manifests gender aberrations of any order will be treated as a dangerous mentally ill person. Homosexuality is not included in this item, but political use of gay groups or their public demonstrations that may influence minors is not permitted.


3.1) Justice: Free and expeditious as soon as possible. Slow justice is a form of injustice. The judiciary will be not only independent of the Executive, but also democratically elected among the best candidates according to competition, curricular and opposition.

3.2) “Private security” is not permitted. The Police and Armed Forces spare enough to provide internal security. Without misery, without poverty or social injustice, criminality comes down to emotional factors against which the population has also been educated.

3.3) Journalism Laws: The so-called “freedom of the press” in which only media owners can express themselves or let themselves be expressed according to their interests. The media is governed by the laws of the National Assembly. The true Freedom of Expression politically is that anyone can express themselves at the assembly level that corresponds to him, participating in political improvements whatever his point of view, but not generating confrontations. Journalistic lie is punished much more harshly than that of a private individual, because journalistic lies hurt humanity. Any journalist will be able to publish whatever he wants, on the sole condition that it is true. The main media must be of the State, that is, of the People, not of economic, religious or ideological interests.

3.4) Immigration: Illegal immigration will be drastically tackled. Illegal immigrants of any condition will have “human rights”, such as emerging food, health care, etc., but immediately recovered, will be returned to their countries of origin and with economic office for those countries. No illegally entered alien will have legal access for the next ten years to the country, under any circumstances. In the case of requests for exile for political reasons, it will be the National Assembly and the Judiciary that will decide in each case, particularly the measures to be taken.

3.5) Armed Forces: Only native persons will be able to access the Armed Forces. Whether or not the Compulsory Military Service is recovered, it will be the People himself who determines it through the Assembly, but in no way will mercenaries – let alone foreigners – who must protect the Fatherland and the citizens . Those who are not prepared to fight until the sacrifice for their homeland deserve none of its benefits. It depends on the freedom, safety, health and transcendence of its offspring. If the Fatherland is not defended, the fate of the children, the grandchildren, everything that any healthy person loves is given.

3.6) The Fatherland and its symbols are the maximum value of union between all individuals and social groups that constitute a Nation. These have been induced as “obsolete” in the popular mindset in many countries, to replace them with the party, ideological and minority flags used to demonstrate against honest governments. Ecology is Patriotic, completely opposed to the so-called New World Order. If a world government is then made, it will be Ecologenic, made up of Sovereign countries and not “banking” or single-minded, or “transgenic”, or degenerate.


4.1) As peoples began to be indebted by manoeuvres of cunning slavers, humanity became at the service of the economy. In Ecologenia it is the economy that must, as a mere technical instrument, be at the service of people, peoples around the world. For this reason, the Nationalization of banking and the prohibition of usury are essential and inexorable. Money is a service, not a “commercial product”. It is at the moment a necessity, like a drug in the social body, created in the 3rd century by Constantine, with the first private banking. His invention destroyed the Solidarity and Distributive Economy of the Roman Empire, whose history has been totally distorted in the press, literature, education and film. As long as we have to keep using money, the state, that is, the People, owns the money, not the bankers. The administrative staff of the banks will occupy similar positions to the extent necessary, but it will be sought to reorient it vocationally. The Econogenia is not a partial arrangement of the economy or a patch, but a total change, a substantive solution, not in mere form. Speculation is suppressed, the agio is suppressed, and without usury the Labor Value prevails, even over gold or any other material value. This does not prevent the most meritorious and creative from being “richer,” but it prevents the worker from being poor. External debt should be reviewed, audited and transferred to individuals who contracted it behind the people’s backs.

4.2) Autarky and Capital. Autarchy (economic, industrial and raw material independence) is achieved by prohibiting foreign investment and developing the technologies and resources themselves. Only inputs that are not yet manufactured in the country will be purchased or imported. The Ecologenic system does not require large capitals to carry out large works. The organization of the Econogenic system is sufficient to produce Autoarchy. It is not necessary to “share existing wealth”, but to create wealth for all and that is not utopian as slavers believe, whose plans of world domination require poverty, ignorance and the devirtuation of all the values of society.

4.3) Renewable energies. Solar, vertical axis wind, electromagnetic and other non-polluting forms. There is technology to make energy abundant and free. The slave system promotes dependence on a network, but in Ecologenia the state promotes regional and even home energy independence when technically possible.

4.4) Food is the most delicate thing in the economy and relates to Health. The State must provide a free basic family food basket, which represents a security for citizens in all areas. The diversity of products, in food as in any other item, will come from the abundance in creative and selective production, not conditioned by taxes (see next point).

4.5) Taxes and money: The State must create a National Currency not conditioned by international treaties, alleged past debts, or securities other than Working Time. Under these conditions, it makes no sense to apply taxes, since money is produced by the State to the extent necessary and will only serve in a first stage, until the social whole fully understands the outcome of the Distributive and Solidarity Economy, totally opposed to the selfish and slave economy of the market system. The market as it exists today will only be the way of relationship with other Nations. In Ecologenia private property is real, so no one has to pay tribute for their real estate or vehicles. Therefore, any transfer tax on goods by inheritance or sale is revoked. Under the same concept, abusive urban regulations are relaxed that prevent owners from building their homes according to their tastes and needs. These rules will only address ecological and safety issues, not aesthetics, unless the Local Assemblies determine an aesthetic issue by consensus on tourist sites, which will not be imposed as a law anyway. Vehicles will stop paying taxes and ITV will remain mandatory, but ITV is abolished as a private company, with the cost of inspections being only for the maintenance of employees and facilities. This cost will not go from 5% of the current one. Traffic taxes and tolls are abolished. Strategic infrastructures, roads, railways and public transport are a service that the state must create, build and maintain, because they are the veins of an active National Body. The State shall grant credits to any applicant after quickly studying their need or project. Interest is zero and deadlines will require research to solve problems, not to pressure the affected person. In the company or industry, with the same objective, the Assemblies will have the experts who dictated the feasibility of credit to correct things. These are Technical Resolution Councils, so that there is no business or commercial failure and even less unhappiness and personal dramas for these reasons that the State must serve as guarantor of the labor, economic and productive order.

4.6) Scheduled Obsolescence: Any industrial process of programmed obsolescence is prohibited. An untreated linen or cotton fabric for this purpose can last for many decades. A car without programmed obsolescence can average five million kilometres without needing the workshop, as demonstrated by ford cars from before World War I. Any product without this scourge can be exported with great advantage over others.

4.7) Nationalization of Resources: All natural resources, whether strategic or not, must be exploited by national enterprises with strict State surveillance. No natural resource should be exploited by foreign companies.

4.8) Housing: Something as essential as decent housing is a monstrous shortage in many countries, even common in the most “developed”. It is also neither logical nor natural to live “for rent” as a regular home. Rental homeowners must receive adequate compensation, but their homes will become tenants, with fair and uninteresting credits. You can only have more properties than those of use, as a tourist company. This activity also does not pay taxes, so that no real estate trader or speculator is to suffer for the transformation of the Nation to the Ecologenic system. Join to make Ecology a reality, because your own life, your assets and the future of your children, your grandchildren, your relatives, neighbors and compatriots, the fate of the whole world, are at stake, because the enemy of all Nations wants the absolute domination of the whole Earth. A better world is only possible with these few clear guidelines, but it requires everyone’s participation.

It is possible to create Environmental Parties in some countries. It represents a paradox, because then partitocracy will be extinguished, but for the moment you have to abide by the existing laws where and when you can. As these parties gain ground, elections and power, it will simply be the real and manifest People’s Will that will determine the extinction of the decadent partitocratic system, modifying the constitutions of countries. In some places it is possible that – especially because of the brutal mandatory confinement manoeuvres of sinarchy – it may be advisable to avoid this costly process and to erect the Peoples in Sovereigns, making Assemblies and taking power in the wards, municipalities, provience, etc., as detailed in this part of the book. And in this way, to do what this Mexican community did, which is the most recent example we have found of Ecologenia practice, although we do not know whether they took the idea of our work or as aboriginals, more linked to Nature, acted by doing the Natural Policy for the same reasons that it is now urgent for us. This video is extremely didactic.