Ecologenia is not a Utopia. It is the Natural Policy and each one of us has something to contribute. Your participation is of immense importance. You can learn True Politics in a few weeks and convert into your own transformer of your social, cultural, and economic
environment. The whole world urgently requires the positive action of each person who
awakens to global reality.
It is a VIABLE OBJECTIVE of All and for All, it does not depend on “OTHERS DOING”, but more on YOU DOING what is within your reach. To the extent that you comprehend the simplicity of the True Politic, quite different from the complex network of deceits of the partitocracy at the service of the moneycracy, you will see how many things are really within your reach to contribute to making a better world.
We can make it possible, you only need to take the first step, by downloading the PDF of Global Ecologenia from the web (in spanish, wait for english book), which is in countless pages, or by purchasing the printed version in this link . With this, you will help the cause and be sure that you will read it more than once, because it will not only make you open your eyes to the deceits of current world politics, but you will see how close the TRUTH has always been, just on the other side of the smoke screens created little by little, over almost two millennia, by the petty interests of a few criminals against humanity.

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Telegram channel (download the application if you do not already have it, and join via the link t.me/Ecoloenglish ) so you will be informed about the news and receive a few messages, but they are always important so that all of us get started on the change we desire. The world’s greatest threat is in a gang of international bankers who have established an increasingly tyrannical network of powers and controls. Its main and greatest objective right now is not the mere dominance of the world, but the murder of seven billion people, who they consider unnecessary and problematic to maintain their global power. On the pages. Principal themes will be set by titles.


The interdisciplinary researcher (specialized in psychology and anthropology)
Gabriel Silva, Argentinean, multi-faceted producer who has dedicated much of his research to understanding the way of thinking and feeling in ancient cultures, began to see a series of contradictions between scholarly teachings about the diverse ancient cultures, and the greatest impact occurred in second grade of school, seeing in a manual that cavemen used money … He began the bombardment of questions to his parents, teachers, neighbors and relatives,
trying to understand what that “Administration” was like if paper did not exist, nor metallurgy, nor someone who controlled that “money”. The story of shells, animal teeth, or pebbles was not funny to him, it had no logic (nor does it, of course). Because in any case barter itself, would be worth it to change things between different clans or tribes, but … money?
The questions led him – as he says himself – to become a library rat, throughout his life until the appearance of the Internet. But after a series of books, the usual thing was to go on a trip, go to those places, check things in the field, collate information, consult with other teachers and professors at universities that still had years to enter. But he discovered by logic, then by analysis of documentation in old books like in the archives of some States, that there really is no evidence of the existence of “money” until three centuries after the creation of Carthage, that is to say, around 450 years before Christ. However, it was not money itself, but gold was used as the main exchange value. The Punic Wars put an end to that usury beginning, as the “exchange value” was placed above all other values, including moral and ethical ones. This scourge of money over
any other value, began to function in the year 326 after Christ, with the Banka
Byzantium created by Constantine. With these various investigations and
documentary confirmations, Gabriel Silva began to further investigate antiquity, he specialized in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, understanding a situation pictured that helped him to understand very clearly the Natural Policy of the Human Being, to such a point that the same readers usually say when reading the work: “It can’t be any other way.” He finally called it Ecologenia. In other words, he did not invent anything. Just that word, because everything else is concepts learned in the course of those investigations. His first sketch was called “World Roman Policy” but this could be misinterpreted, especially since Rome still exists as a city and because history is distorted in all fields and
cultures, and Rome is not the exception.

But his constant searches led him to explore much of the Amazon and study the existing tribes, probing their history and reaching an understanding of the ancient Mesoamerican and South American cultures. Dissenting from official anthropology, he discovered and demonstrated decades ago that in these ancient cultures there was no usury, because there was not even money.
Then he showed that all the supposedly extinct hominids exist today, except for some unexplained ones, such as those with elongated skulls from Egypt, Peru and other places. Finally, he showed that the current apes are not our ancestors, but a degenerate descendant of the human, by reproduction of individuals with par 21 trisomy … And there the academic war was total, because it implies that most of history and especially anthropology of this system is wrong or something worse. Because it is not logical to oppose such extreme guidelines as atheism and the Church. True Science, between both
extremes, pursued and / or hidden. Ecologenia, as true Political Science, rescues all sciences to put them at the service of Humanity, does not push the extremes to create division, and sterile and fanatical discussion on one side or the other. In short, Ecologenia
is born from the study of politics and economics in ancient cultures, but also in the exemplary way of life of the American Indians. To that way of life, to that economy that allows people to live as in paradise despite the extreme material limitations and simplicity of their culture, we add technology, and authentic scientific knowledge … What we have is that wonderful world that everyone wishes with all heart and soul.
The work of discovering, analyzing and explaining in depth and in a synthetic and clear way, is already done. Have you thought about being part of the most wonderful revolution of the last millennia? Get in touch and join us. There is no better adventure, nor more useful for you and for everyone. Further. There is no political alternative in the media of the “partitocracy” of capitalism. In the time that you take to read the fundamental book , in a calm and analytical way, you will have changed your whole perspective on global reality, especially in all of politics. You will be able to better understand the reasons for wars, false pandemics, hunger, ecological reality, solutions to overpopulation, which should not go through the extermination of populations; and many more things that even a child can understand.
NOTE: There are detractors and little thinking people who say that this website is «to sell a book«. If you cannot buy it in print, you can download the previous version (it is still complete) on hundreds of web pages, because the author decided from the beginning that it should be delivered free and complete as much as possible. Our team does not have institutional or government support, so we cannot give away the printed version.